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TL;DR – TamilGun provide its users a website from where they can download all latest Kannada, Tamil movies for free. So if you have landed on this article by searching about Tamilgun 2023 on google then you are right place as you will be getting all the required information on how to download tamil, telugu movies from Tamilgun easily.

Tamilgun is one of those free movie downloading sites which has been offering pirated movies in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other languages. Not only movies but they also provide the latest TV shows and web series in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages.

The best thing is that, you can download everything from TamilGun for free.

What is Tamilgun.com?

Tamilgun.com is a website that provides illegal streaming and downloading of tamil movies. The site has been blocked by many ISP’s but still manages to function by changing it’s domain name regularly. Tamilgun has a very user friendly interface and provides high quality prints of the latest releases. The site also has a chatroom where users can discuss the latest releases. Tamilgun.com is an infringing site and should be avoided.

There is nobody who knows how tamilgun get hold of these newly-released movies. They may do so by recording new films secretly at the theatres, or they may do so by pirating those through other means. But the authorities are also clueless when it comes to finding the owners of these kinds of sites. Here, you will find movies in several different qualities like 320p, 720p and even HD. As you know, HD movies are way better to watch. They have a clear picture quality.

Tamilgun Alternative Websites

Below mentioned are some of the famous alternatives to tamilgun kannada movies website which you can use in case you are unable to find your favourite movie or the movie which you want to watch on tamilgun site.

Another alternative site which you might consider is Tamilplay.

Below given are a few search terms of tamilgun using which you can to search for any kannada, tamil or telugu movie on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. All you have to do is just add any of the below given search term after the movie name.


TamilGun Search Terms

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List Of Latest Movies Available On Tamilgun Website

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How to Download Movies from Tamilgun in 2023?

If you are confused about how to download movies from tamilgun, then worry no more.

Read the following, and you will understand how easy it is to download HD kannada and tamil movies from tamilgun. The steps are:

Step 1

Visit the official website of Tamilgun i.e., tamilgun.org or tamilgun.net

Step 2

Once the website opens, you can either choose the movie you want to see from the collection of films, or you could search your desired movie in the search bar given on the website.

Step 3

Click on the movie you want to see. You will be taken to another page where you have to scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see the download now button.

Step 4

Click on the download now button. Follow the steps to start the downloading process. If you want to stream the movie online then just click on the play button given on the media player.

All done. You can enjoy the movie now.

Why Is It Illegal to Download Movies from Tamilgun?

Sites like Tamilgun is a significant reason why the film industries are suffering in this country. Through piracy, these sites rob the people associated with the film industry. Theft is not only limited to leaking movies online but putting those movies in CDs also. Because of this process, fewer people are visiting movie theaters now. Since film tickets cost a lot and depending on the position of your residence, regional movies might not even be available to you.

That is the reason why the government of India regularly blocks these sites under the guidance of the Supreme court. These kinds of sites are illegal in most of the countries in the world. It is because of this reason the site had to re-start under a different name like Tamilgun part 3.

Not only are these sites illegal, but they could also harm your computer or mobile in ways which you could not guess. By using these sites, you are making yourself vulnerable to hackers. The hackers can quickly get your personal information by the help of these sites. You will be under surveillance of Government authorities too by using this site. Since possessing pirated videos in India is a punishable offence. You might be even penalized in court.

You must use a VPN while downloading Tamilgun Latest movies in Hindi 2023 from these sites. VPN helps in protecting your computer from outside threats and also conceals your device’s location and identity from government authorities.

Note: If you are facing any problems in accessing these free movies downloading websites then you can check check this article on 10 Best Free Unblocked Movie Websites to Stream Online and Download. This will surely help you a lot.

Tamilgun Proxy and Working Domains

Tamilgun has many websites from where you can download and watch latest Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies for free. But why these many websites and why this brand keeps on changing its website URL?

Well, the government keeps on banning the URLs and that is why the owners of these types of free downloading movies websites keeps on changing the source URL (Domains) and keeps on coming back with the website so that the users can download movies for free from their websites.

tamilgun.isaiminitamilgun.toolstamilgun.rockerstamilgun.com isaimini


Despite all the charges related to downloading movies from sites like Tamilgun proxy people still, do that. Because if you are honest, who would lose the chance of watching movies free of cost? No one. To view your favourite video at the comfort of your home was something which could not be imagined just a few years ago. Even ten years ago, to watch movies at your home, you had to buy CDs or VCDs, but now you can do that with the help of Tamilgun.

Now, not only do you get to watch movies at your home, but you get to do that without paying any money. You do not even have to use the internet for watching movies with the help of Tamilgun. After downloading these videos, you could access those anytime you want.

But you should avoid these at all costs, because not only are you risking your devices by using these sites but involving yourself in crime too. To keep a clear conscience and a transparent method, you must avoid these sites.

Why Piracy and Online Downloading is Banned in Many Countries?

Downloading a movie from Tamilgun is not a legal work. These websites are not authorized to stream any movie online and it is a punishable crime in India and in many countries to download movies from such websites. It takes a lot to make a movie including money and work and if people are not going in movie hall to watch the movie then the producers and directors are directly in loss and because of this only government has marked many domains as illegal and has put a ban on them as these domains release the movie without buying the copyrights of the movie.


We do not take any responsibility of the information provided above in this article can be wrong and we are not saying that the above given information is 100% true. The above given website links could have been marked as spam or put under ban by your countries government. Please visit those websites at your own risk.

Piracy and downloading movies from a third party website is a crime and because of that government of India asks his citizens not to download the movie from any website and instead of that visit the movie in the theater only. Tamilgun is a free movie downloading website but as we all know piracy is a crime so download the movies at your own risk only.

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