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TL;DRTamilyogi 2022 is a free movies downloading website from where you can download tamil movies, tamil HD movies, new tamil movies, telugu movies, hollywood movies, bollywood movies and all newly released movies for free.

Streaming movies on online platforms is not illegal but providing the movies without proper permission and copyrights is totally wrong and illegal.

Tamilyogi is quite famous for leaking tamil movies and tv shows online on their platform without any copyrights but the movies are not leaked in tamil language only. They even leak the hindi dubbed version of all tamil movies, they leak bollywood movies, telugu movies, hollywood movies, tamil HD movies which gives them more users on their website.

The reason why tamilyogi movies are marked as illegal is because Tamilyogi do not have the permission or copyright to stream any tamil movie online on any of their piracy websites.

About Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi as already mentioned above is a free tamil movies and telugu movies downloading site which has been providing free movies in tamil and tamil to all their users from past many years and they not only provide movies in tamil but also provides the hindi and english dubbed version of those tamil movies.

This site pirates and leaks all tamil movies illegally and allows their users to download those movies for free in HD quality.

In this article we will be providing you all details about how to find the working domains of tamilyogi and how to download latest tamil movies from tamilyogi official website in an easy way.

Btw, Are you looking for some of the famous and latest tamil movies?


Here is the list. Just click and see how to stream the movie online for free.

  • Pushpa
  • Karnan
  • Mandela
  • Sulthan
  • Master
  • Kabadadaari
  • Kaadan

How To Download Movies From Tamilyogi?

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to download your favourite tamil movies for free from tamilyogi:

Step 1

Visit the currently working domain of tamilyogi which is tamilyogi.best or tamilyogi.com.

Search For Tamilyogi on Google

Click on the first result you get on your search page and you will be redirected to the official website of tamilyogi.

Step 2

Once you are on the official website, search for the movie or web series you are looking for by typing the name in the search bar.

Tamilyogi Official Website

Step 3

Click on the movie result and here it is. You can either stream the movie online for free and watch it all on the website or can even download it in just a single click.

Watch and Download Tamil Movies on Tamilyogi

There are many categories available on the website which will help you in finding the best movie or web series for you and those categories are:

  1. New Tamil Movies
  2. Tamil HD Movies
  3. Tamilyogi Malayalam
  4. Telugu Movies
  5. Hollywood Movies
  6. Tamilyogi VIP

Why Tamilyogi Website Is So Famous In India?

India is a country where people are all crazy about either cricket or about movies. You can sell anything by offering something free on it. So if a website is available from where users can watch and download tamil HD movies for free then why would it not be famous.

People in India are crazy about movies and web series. This is the reason why people even pay hefty ticket price in theaters to watch the movies of their favourite stars. But, watching movies in theaters is becoming costly day by day. This is the reason why there are many websites available from where you can download any movie and tv series for free.

Tamilyogi is one such piracy website which provides tamil movies and web series in tamil for free so that anyone can download and stream tamil movies online without paying a single penny.

Unique Features of Tamilyogi.cat:

There are many unique features of tamilyogi.cat website which makes it one of the most visited website by users to download tamil movies for free.

  1. As the name says, tamilyogi provides all tamil movies on their website for free.
  2. Although the tamil movies are pirated, tamilyogi makes sure to provide all in HD qualities only like 480p, 720p or 1080p resolution.
  3. Tamil Yogi makes sure to provide tamil movies not only in tamil but also dubbed in hindi, english and malayalam.
  4. Tamilyogi.vip website do not charge any fee or money from their users for providing them with all latest movies.

Is Tamilyogi Safe To Use?

NO. tamilyogi website is not safe to use and there are many reasons behind this.

Since tamilyogi is a free website, the owners earn the money by putting redirect and pop up ads on their site which in turn can lead to many unwanted files downloaded on your system. Also, piracy is illegal in India and in many other countries which is why you can be fined or even put behind the bars for downloading a movie or a web series for free.

But to be honest the probability of that happening is close to 0.01%.

How Can I Use Tamilyogi If It Is Banned In My Country?

Even if tamilyogi is illegal and banned in your country, you can still open it by using a VPN.

Use VPN To Unblock Tamilyogi Website

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you by switching the ip of your computer to some other countries ip using which you can open any piracy website which is banned in your country and not banned in other countries.

Why Do Government Ban Sites Like Tamilyogi?

The government keeps on putting a ban on free movie download and streaming sites due to the piracy they do. As you know, a lot of money, energy, dedication and man power is involved behind making a single movie which is why all movies are released in movie theaters where the users have to buy tickets to watch the movie and this is how the owners makes money out of their movie.

But, due to piracy and torrent sites, the film industry is suffering a loss from a long time and this is why the government decided to put a ban on such torrent sites.

Tamilyogi Proxy List:

Since the government and ISP providers keeps on putting a ban on tamilyogi’s official website, the owners are now coming up with proxy sites and here is the list of all available tamilyogi proxy sites and domains.


Also, If you find any movies downloading website as banned by your government then also no need to worry as there are many ways to unblock those websites and one such way is described above in this article.

Here is a list of 10 Best Free Unblocked Movie Websites to Stream Online and Download.


Tamilyogi 2022 is one of the best website from where you can download tamil movies for free. So, if you are a tamil movies lover, tamilyogi is your answer where you can find all tamil movies and tv shows for free.

TamilYogi Alternatives:

There are many websites which are just like tamilyogi and provide pirated movies for free. Some of these sites are listed below:

  1. Skymovies
  2. Moviesbaba
  3. Madras Rockers
  4. Moviesmobile
  5. TodayPK
  6. TamilPlay
  7. JalshaMoviez
  8. Tamilrockers
  9. Moviemad
  10. 123MovieRulz
  11. Moviesda
  12. Khatrimaza

Apart from these sites movie download sites there are many tamilyogi alternatives which aims to provide HD movies and tv series for a monthly or yearly fee. These sites are officially approved by the government and ISP providers and the sites are:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Hulu
  4. HBO Max
  5. Hotstar


We do not take any responsibility of the information provided above in this article can be wrong and we are not saying that the above given information is 100% true. The above given website links could have been marked as spam or put under ban by your countries government. Please visit those websites at your own risk.

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