Is Nursing a Great Career for Moms? Let’s Explore

Many moms want careers that do not take them away from their families for too long. They always want the flexibility to spend enough time with their families, whether at the end of the day or during the weekends. Only a handful of career options fit these criteria while providing opportunities for growth and career progression, and nursing is one of them. It provides moms with benefits and advantages that other careers do not. If you are looking to change careers as a mom, here’s why nursing could be a great option.


Nursing is known for its flexibility, which makes it great for moms. Nurses can work different shifts, including day, night, mid, and relief shifts. This flexibility allows moms to work motherhood into their work schedules easily.

For example, you could work at night and then spend the morning with your children. You could also work during the day and spend time with them in the evening.

Moms can also work in a doctor’s office instead of a hospital. The main benefit of doing this is predictable 8-hour days. This arrangement can make nursing work like any other job, without the downside of being on call in the middle of the night.

Option to Earn an Online Degree

Busy moms who want to become nurses can also earn online nursing degrees. Many universities now offer these options, letting you take classes in the evenings and weekends. This way, you can take care of your family and have a degree in two to four years, depending on the university or college.

If you are interested in this career option, you can learn how to become a nurse in Texas and any other state, including how to sign up for a degree and take the exams that you need to pass to become a registered nurse. You should also know that different states require different certifications depending on your chosen specialization, but you can also complete these online.

You Do Not Have to Take Business Trips

Taking business trips to exciting locations can be a lot of fun before you have kids. However, they do not seem like a good idea when you have them, especially for trips that take you away from home for multiple days.

Nurses can go to the same healthcare facility or office, work regular hours, and come home to their children every day.

That said, you can still explore travel nursing opportunities. These nurses travel to different places to provide various services depending on the facility’s needs. You might also be required to travel to conferences, especially if you want to network and progress in your career. However, that will happen so infrequently that it should not be an issue.

Nursing is in High Demand and a Lucrative Career

There is a very high demand for nurses right now, with this leading to the career paying very well. You can also increase your pay by completing additional certificates or an advanced degree.

Nursing remains one of the best career options for moms because it provides flexibility that other careers do not. It also gives moms skills they can use at home when caring for their children. Lastly, there are clear career progression paths should you decide to advance in your career.

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