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Hi Bloggers,

Are you looking to publish your amazingly written article on our website i.e on HOB – House Of Bakchodi?

Well, we always look for new authors/writers for our website. Our Write For Us service gives a chance to all the writers to post their work on our website.  So, If you have any new idea which can surely give something new to our readers to read about then we are waiting to hear from your side.

All our writers has a strong desire and capability to produce quality content, a content which is often shared by our users.


One thing which we don’t like or say we hate is that many people try to re-frame already written articles and try to publish those messed-up articles on our website.

Well, Sorry but we do not entertain such writers.

What you need to do is just bring fresh and unique content for all our users and a topic which is very unique.

To be honest, writing and publishing on HOB is not at all an easy task. It takes work and dedication and only the best among all will be published on our website. But, once published we will be pushing up your article so that it can reach to a great number of audience and we do this to motivate you.

Also after publishing your article you will be receiving a feedback email from our team in which you will be getting some tips and tricks about content writing and management.

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What Are We Looking For?

We always look for a fresh piece of content from our writers. So in order to submit your article on our website you will have to submit a rough draft or copy or a short pitch about the topic on which you want to write. Also, you will have to submit your previously published work.

Once received, an editor will be looking in the matter and will be coming up with his/her valuable feedback on your submission. That editor will then decide if you will be allowed to post on our website or not.

But do not worry, in case your pitch gets rejected then you can follow the feed-backs and can make changes in the pitch and submit to us again for consideration.

Remember that we accept only original work/content. So if you are thinking of submitting an article just by making few changes in an already published article and making it plagiarism free then the trick will not work with us.

Our Requirements:

Given below are some of our requirements which you will need to fulfill in order to get your article published on our website.

  • The article should be of at least 800+ words and should be meaningful when ready by our readers.
  • Te article should have Meta Title, Meta Description, Heading Tags and Images in it.
  • Plagiarism should be 0.
  • No Spin content will be accepted.
  • The article once published on our website should not be published anywhere else.
  • Only 1 Backlink will be provided in the article.
  • Do not put your link in the first 2 paragraphs.
  • We hold every right to edit the article as per our needs and add internal links of other blogs which are already published on our website.
  • You will have to share the article on all your social profiles and provide us with the links of those published URLs.
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So if you are searching about Write For Us – Technology, Business, Casino, Entertainment then here is the best platform to post your article on.

Drop us an email to get all other related information in detailed form.