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TL;DR – This article will give you all the information about Movierulz 2021. As the name says movierulz is a website from where you can easily download all your favorite movies for free or stream movies online.

Movierulz 2021 – Introduction

In India, people spend lots of money for their entertainment like movies but there are many people who love to watch movies for free. So, in this article we are going to discuss about what Movierulz is and how you can download your favourite movie from movierulz websites i.e from Movierulz Plz, Movierulz Wap, Movierulz Ps, Movierulz Ms, Movierulz Ds.

Have you ever heard about the links where you can download the latest movies for free? Sometimes we also use those links and watch movies for free. But do you know these movie websites are pirated websites? Means, it is illegal to download movies from pirated websites. Movierulz website is also a pirated website so, let’s know about this Movierulz 2021 with us.

What Is Movierulz?

Movierulz 2021 website is a free movie downloading website. You can say it is an ilegal movies downloading website.

If you see movierulz website, there are Malayalam, Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Telugu movies available in different pixels.

In this navigation bar you can select your prefered language movies like Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu. The one interesting thing is that all movies are arranged year wise. People can select the movies with the year section.

As we know this is the web series generation and everyone likes to watch web series compared to movies. So, Movierulz website uploads the latest web series in good quality.

May be some time delay but the all web series is presented on the pirates website.

Indian government does not support the pirate website, so they ban the website whenever they find it. For this reason, the admin of Movierulz 2021 also has its alternative websites like movierulz plz, movierulz ds, movierulz ps, movierulz ms, and movierulz wap.

Steps To Download Movies and TV Series From Movierulz Website

When people know about the pirated website then they can try to download movies for free or watch movies online for free. People also try to download movies from the Movie rulz. So, here we can discuss the Steps to download movies and web series from Movierulz Website.

  1. Firstly, you have to find the right domain to download newly released movies.
  2. Open the website right domain name in the browser.
  3. If you already know the movie name, then write the name of the movies on the search bar and click on it.
  4. If you don’t know the movies name then you can check the movies in different movies categories.
  5. When you finally get your movies then just click on it.
  6. After that, you will see the two options: “Download” and “Watch Online”.
  7. If you want to download your movie then click on the download button. 
  8. When you want to watch movies on your phone or desktop, make sure that you have third party software.

Note: There are many irritated ads present, so, you have to avoid the ads and focus on the download link of the movies. So that you can easily download the movies for free from the Movierulz website.

Working Proxy Sites & Links of Movierulz 2021

As you know that movierulz is a pirated website and the government bans the website whenever they find it. But, the admin of the website is very smart, they register the website with another domain name whenever the website is banned by the government. The main name of the website remains the same but the top-level domain has changed like movierulz plz, movierulz ds, movierulz ps, movierulz ms, and movierulz wap. 

So, there are many domain names available.

But you have to check one by one to download movies for free.

All Movierulz Domains are here:

  • http://3movierulz.cr
  • http://3movierulz.gr
  • http://3movierulz.gy
  • http://3movierulz.link
  • http://4movierulz.cc
  • http://4movierulz.ch
  • http://4movierulz.li
  • http://movierulz2.co
  • https://3movierulz.in
  • https://3movierulz.mrunlock.pro
  • https://3movierulz.nocensor.icu
  • https://4movierulz.in
  • https://4movierulz.nocensor.icu
  • https://4movierulz.prox4you.xyz
  • https://4movierulz.to
  • http://4movierulz.net
  • http://4movierulz.plz
  • http://4movierulz.tv

Movierulz Alternative Websites:

People mostly love to watch movies without spending any money.

So, the pirated websites’ boom has always remained although the government has warned all people. No one knows when the website is banned where to download the movies. So, people always search the Movierulz alternative website.

So, below we are going to mention some popular Movierulz Alternative Websites like:

How To Unblock Movierulz Website In 2021?

If you want to unlock the Movierulz website then you have to install a VPN on your PC, smartphone or tablet. If you face any problem while installing the software you can watch the youtube videos to take guidance. 

Otherwise, you can go for the alternative website of Movierulz 2021 is the best option. But it is better to keep away from the pirated website and watch it in the theater or paid websites. Because piracy is the crime in india.

Is Movierulz A Legal Website?

No, the Movierulz website is not a legal website. The team of pirated websites shoot the videos in theaters from hidden cameras. This pirated website steals the video of newly released movies and uploads it on their platform. But the Film industry spent lots of money to make a movie.

They suffer huge losses through this pirated website.

This is the reason the film industry cant pay enough text to the government. So, the government decided to ban all pirated websites. Even people who use pirated websites to download movies for free, are punished by the police. So, you have to keep away from this type of website.

The government takes strict action to stop the movie’s piracy. So, If any person is caught while uploading a movie without film producer’s permission then he/she can be arrested for 3 years or submit the 10 lack punishment fee. 

Sometimes, pirated websites hack your system information via many viruses. Maybe your system’s data will disappear.

What Is Our Responsibility To Stop Piracy?

Everyone loves to get entertained without paying anything but Movie piracy is not legal. We can’t get this happiness so far if we are caught by the Indian police. So, it is better to go to a legal website to watch or download movies for free.

Youtube is one of the best platforms to watch movies online for free. Although it takes 3-4 months to upload newly released movies on it, but it is totally legal to watch movies online. There are many other movie streaming websites where you can download movies with legal terms.

Legal Alternatives of Movierulz

There are many legal alternative websites of movierulz. These websites allows you to stream and download your favourite movies and tv shows but only after paying a small monthly or yearly fee as a subscription.

Here is the list of all legal alternatives of Filmywap:

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Sun NXT
  3. Netflix
  4. Aha Videos
  5. Zee5
  6. Disney Hotstar
  7. MX Player
  8. Aha Videos


There are many pirated websites like movierulz 2021. You should always keep away from such websites. If you love to watch or download movies for free then there are lots of legal websites available which provide movies for free. In this article we are providing only information about the Movierulz website. We never promote the pirated website in any cost.

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