Bolly4u Movies 2020 – Download Latest Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies Online

Bolly4u 2020: Bolly4u is one of the most famous online movie streaming and movie downloading website. From this website you can watch and download all latest movies for free.

Users can download Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Pakistani movies and many popular and latest TV Shows and Serials for free from Bolly4u site.

Bolly4u is a pirated website where you can find all latest movies for free and you can watch and download them for free too but keep in mind that this is movie piracy and piracy according to the government of India is a crime. It is illegal to download movies online but still almost everyone is doing this. This website provides movies in every format like 300mb, 480mb, HD print and much more.

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History Of Bolly4u Site:

Bolly4u is a free and best movie downloading site from which you can download all latest movies and TV shows online. This movie streaming and downloading website started in mid 2000 with the main motive of providing all latest movies online for free to the users. The website make its revenue from ads. There are many redirect links on bolly4u site 2020 but do not worry as these are not spam or links filled with virus.

You can download hindi dubbed movies, tamil movies, telugu movies for free in good print and HD quality. The best part of bolly4u is that the provides the movie on their website just after the 1st show of the movie is streamed in a movie theater.

Latest Movies and TV Series Available on Bolly4u Site Are:

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BTW, there are many online movies downloading websites and movie streaming websites which functions just like bolly4u and we will be giving you information about all in this article.

How Bolly4u Site Works?

Bolly4u uploads all the latest and trending movies on their website so that they can be accessed by users from all across the world for free. Most importantly, they makes sure that the movies are being uploaded in high quality only. Also iff a user wants to see a movie and that particular movie is not available on bolly4u site then the user can drop a query regarding the same and bolly4u make sure to upload that particular movie on their website within 24 hours.

But, one thing which bolly4u has clearly mentioned is that they do not hold any type of responsibility for the movies or data the users are downloading from their website as this website falls under torrent websites which are not legal in many countries.

So if you are looking to download movies and tv shows from bolly4u then all you have to do is

  1. Open Bolly4u Official Site.
    [su_button url=”https://bolly4u.tube/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”4″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”]Visit Bolly4u Offical Website[/su_button]
  2. Search for the movie or tv show you want to download.
  3. Click on that particular movie or tv show to open it.
  4. Click on the download now button to start the downloading process of that movie.

Now, the situation has changed a lot. With an increase in the number of movie streaming websites people have started watching movies online only on platforms like, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Primewire, 123Movies, Moviemad, etc.

Earlier people used to go to movie theaters to watch the movies in which the price per movie ticket was quite high and the expenses of eating in a movie theater are sky touching but all this was reduced because of online movie streaming sites.

With the advancement of technology, people prefer watching movies and tv shows online for free without wasting much of their hard earned money in movie theathers. Though most people in India are still mesmerized with commercial bolly4u Bollywood movies and still prefer watching those movies in movie theater, the younger generation of age group of 14-27 prefers streaming these movies online for free on their smartphone or laptops.

If you are one of them, you know how costly has it become to watch movies. The tickets at the theatres cost a fortune, and the subscription fees of web streaming platforms are also huge. To avoid expending so much money, most youngsters avail pirated websites to watch their favourite shows or movies at no cost at all. Bolly4u.org is such a website which publishes recently released movies and TV series.

What Types of Movies Can You Get in Bolly4u Site?

Bolly4u is one of the most popular pirated sites currently in the market. In this website, you get to download all latest Bollywood, hollywood, tamil, telugu, hindi dubbed movies for free and that too in 720P and HD quality. There are other sites like bolly4u available on internet which also provides pirated movies for free but some of these websites are malicious in nature. Bolly4u site is also like those other sites but this website is safe in nature and safe to use.

You can download all types of movies through the direct links provided in the site. You should also know that apart from providing a download link the website even offers you to stream the full movie online for free.

For watching the whole movie online without any interruption, you would require a good data pack or a high speed Wi-fi connection. Data connections in todays world are quite cheap and easily available. Earlier using mobile data pack for downloading or streaming movies online was an impossible task.

In bolly4u, you get to download and stream all types of latest movies from the below given categories:

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies

Latest movies like Wonder Woman 1984, Bloodshot, No Time To Die, A Quite Place 2, Sarileru Neekevvaru, Saaho, Kabir Singh, Chichhore, Laal kaptaan, Made in China, War, Prassthanam and many more are available online for free on Bolly4u. The list is endless since the site publishes almost every latest movie on the website. You will never face any problem in finding a movie of your choice on bolly4u site.

What Types of Hindi Dubbed Movies Are Available on Bolly4u Site?

There are almost every type of hindi dubbed movies available on bolly4u. If you want to watch every movie in the world like tamil movies, telugu movies, malayalam movies, english movies in hindi then bolly4u is the best option for you.

Types of Hindi Movies Available on Bolly4u:

  1. Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movies.
  2. Tamil Movies Dubbed in Hindi.
  3. English Movies Hindi Dubbed.
  4. Malayalam Movies Dubbed in Hindi.

Apart from these you can find dubbed movies from almost all genre available in world.

Though bolly4u have movies in other languages too, still you can find the the hindi dubbed version of every single movie available on bolly4u site. Those who have difficulty in understanding the English, tamil, telugu or any other language can watch the translated or hindi dubbed version of the movies they want to watch.

But, do not think these versions of the movies are not up to the mark.

Have you ever seen the hindi dubbed version of Deadpool? Trust me it is hilarious.

Most English, tamil, telugu movies are dubbed by the finest actors of bollywood. Some of the famous movies which are available on bolly4u in hindi dubbed version are Diljala Aashiq, Battle Drone, Adithya Varma, Bloodshot, Sons of Liberty, etc.

You get to do download all latest movies without spending any money. As you know that if you are going to a theater to watch a movie then you need atleast 700 INR in your pocket but watching that same movie online or downloading that movie from bolly4u site will cost you nothing. Not only that, you also get to watch the movies as per your comfort in your home sitting in your comfy seat or bed without any disturbance.

How To Find Latest Movies Available on Bolly4u Site?

There are many search terms using which you can easily find out all the latest movies and TV shows available on bolly4u easily.


Bolly4u Search Terms

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bolly4u horror moviesbolly4u horror7bolly4u hollywood hindi dubbed movies online

Is Bolly4u A Legal Website?

The answer in simple words is NO.

As mentioned in above in this article, bolly4u 2020 pirates all the latest movies and TV shows and makes it available on their website without proper licensing or copyrights. Movie piracy means publishing any movie or TV shows on the internet without taking proper permission or license from the producers, directors or owner of that video, movie, TV shows, etc. Though you may think downloading any movie or tv show from bolly4u site might be a great idea as you are not spending even a single penny and still getting to watch the whole movie but the consequences of this can be harsh for you as piracy is a crime and if caught then you can be sentenced to jail or can be forced to pay a heavy fine for piracy.

Always remember that most of the movie downlading websites can be dangerous for your phone, computer or laptops as many of these websites bundle small viruses with the downloaded files and these viruses may expose your computer details and other credentials to hackers and can give them easy access to hack your computer online.

To avoid the above mentioned scenario, there are many options and one such option is accessing these types of websites using a good VPN.

A VPN will help in hiding your real IP from the hackers or other people trying to sneak in your PC or laptop.

How Are Sites Like Bolly4u Still Available?

As mentioned above that despite of the internet service providers and government putting a ban on these types of free movie downloading and streaming websites people are still able to access such websites by using a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network with the help of which you can access the website from a different country IP for ex: if you are sitting in India and a particular website is banned in India then by using a VPN you can change your IP address to a different country like USA and can access that particular website easily by sitting in India.

Sounds cool right!!!

So what are you waiting for? Checkout this amazing article on free unblocked movie websites to download movies online and find the best way to open those websites.

Now you may be wondering that how come a government is not knowing about this loophole? Well the government and the whole world knows about it but still there are many things which are not under the control of anyone and one such thing is usage of VPN.

The government does take action on movie pirated websites from time to time. Which is why you will not find these types of websites being live from a single URL or domain for a long period of time. But even after getting banned, the websites comes up with a new version of their sites keeping the brand name same and changing the URL.

Bolly4u do the same trick when banned from a domain. All they do is just replicate the whole database to a new domain name keeping the brand name “Bolly4u” same in every domain.

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Remember: If the government of India finds out anybody who is using or spreading the download of movies without proper permission or license then that particular person can be sent to jail or can be forced to pay a heavy penalty also. So, you must always think twice before downloading movies from such websites.


Checkout All Bolly4u Sites and Domains:

Bolly4u is a movie piracy website which is why the government and Internet Service Providers keeps on banning it but the website bounce back with a new domain name and same database of movies.

Here are all the latest and known urls and domains of bolly4u sites which might be helpful for you in finding which bolly4u website is working and which is not.


Bolly4u Alternatives and Similar Sites:

Some of the best bolly4u alternatives from where you can watch and download all latest movies for free are:

Isaimini is one of the most famous tamil movies downloading site which provides all latest tamil, telugu, hindi dubbed movies for free on their website. Since the website is quite famous and free from all types of virus, Isaimini comes 1st in our list of bolly4u alternatives.

[su_button url=”http://isaiminiweb.com/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”4″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”]Visit Isaimini Offical Website[/su_button]

Moviemad as we all know is a great online movie downloading and streaming website which pirates almost every latest movie on their website. Since the website gives good competition to other movie piracy websites it lands on 2nd position in our list of sites similar to bolly4u.

[su_button url=”https://www.moviemad.store/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”4″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”]Visit Moviemad Offical Website[/su_button]

Downloadhub lands at 3rd position in our list of bolly4u alternatives as the website was not up from past few months as the government banned almost all the domains of downloadhub but now the owners of this website are back with a bang with many new domains and you can access all latest movies for free on their website.

[su_button url=”https://downloadhub.life/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”4″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”]Visit Downloadhub Offical Website[/su_button]

123movierulz is a name which almost everyone who watches movie online for free from pirated websites like torrent or other knows. This website is as old as torrent. Though the website gives almost all latest movies for free but the website has many spam and redirecting links on it which can even land your PC or laptop at risk. Therefore, this website comes 4th in our list of bolly4u alternatives.

[su_button url=”https://123movierulz.org/” target=”blank” rel=”nofollow referrer noopener” style=”3d” size=”4″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: hand-pointer-o”]Visit 123Movierulz Offical Website[/su_button]

There are many other websites available which shows movie and tv shows online for free just like bolly4u do and therefore are considered as bolly4u alternative sites. Some more of such websites are JalshaMoviez, HindiLinks4U, BestHDMovies and Moviesbaba.

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Update: Here is another list of sites from where you can easily download all types of bollywood, hollywood and tollywood movies in a single click:



Despite of many negative comments and reviews, people still download and stream movies online from this movie pirated website on regular basis without any fear. There are many reasons behind this and some of them are financial conditions, not able to go to theater due to office or other working conditions, do not want to spend in theater on a movie which has low reviews but still want to watch it, etc.

Which is why people watch and download all latest movies online for free on bolly4u and on its similar domains like bolly4utrade.

People do not care about cybersecurity and moral conscience as all they care about is their entertainment.

Also, it is not fair to blame the public because the price of movie tickets in a theater are very high and even if a person can afford that price then the price of popcorn, cold-drinks or any eatables inside a theater is quite expensive. So, most people have no choice other than watching movies on sites like bolly4u and many more.

The legal option to download and stream movies online is through approved and legal movies and TV shows streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HotStar, Alt Balaji and some other. But these sites are not free and they charge you money on monthly or yearly basis. Also, there is a possibility of you not able to find your desired movie on these website. That is why sites like Bolly4u are still prevailing in our society.

Why Piracy and Online Downloading is Banned in Many Countries?

Downloading a movie from bolly4u 2020 is not a legal task. These websites are not authorized to stream any movie online and it is a punishable crime in India and in many countries to download movies from such websites. It takes a lot to make a movie including money and work and if people are not going in movie hall to watch the movie then the producers and directors are directly in loss and because of this only government has marked many domains as illegal and has put a ban on them as these domains release the movie without buying the copyrights of the movie.

Here is what Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has said about Piracy:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcqnmXCNRXE” autohide=”no” loop=”yes” rel=”no”]


We do not take any responsibility of the information provided above in this article can be wrong and we are not saying that the above given information is 100% true. The above given website links could have been marked as spam or put under ban by your countries government. Please visit those websites at your own risk.

Piracy and downloading movies from a third party website is a crime and because of that government of India asks his citizens not to download the movie from any website and instead of that visit the movie in the theater only. bolly4u is a free movie downloading website but as we all know piracy is a crime so download the movies at your own risk only.

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