How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Scratch Cards

Scratch off the opaque film and wait with bated breath.

Your ticket could be the lucky one or a bust.

Don’t just scratch mindlessly.

Read our tips to strategize your win.

There is an absolute thrill that a scratch card carries with it. What you bought for a paltry amount could change your life beyond the boundaries of your wildest dreams.

The thrill between scratching the numbers to checking the numbers is indescribable.

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However, there is more to scratch cards than merely hoarding them and scratching it mindlessly.

Here, we have devised some tips and strategies to get lady luck to smile at you.

Price Point

Scratch cards come in various price brackets, and therefore the odds of winning are stacked as such. A lower-priced ticket offers lower pay-outs and thus lowers your chances of winning.

When you pay higher, the prizes and your odds are higher.

You have to weigh your options before you decide on how much you can spend.

Buy In Bulk

Your odds of winning are higher when you buy your tickets in bulk. Instead of multiple trips to stock tickets, buy it in bulk. More often than not, the tickets lose by a single digit.

Buy them together to give yourself the edge.

Keep Old Tickets

Keeping old tickets is a wise strategy to follow. There are cases when the jackpot is never claimed, and the manufacturer requests a specific ticket or number to be declared the winner.

Don’t throw them away till all doors are closed.

Check All Tickets

There is more than one way to win the scratch cards game. Once you check for obvious ones, always take it back to the retailer to ensure that you have not missed on anything.

Discard them only after you are sure of any hidden wins.

Study your Scratch Card

Scratch card winners have repeatedly used the Singleton strategy to pick up the jackpot.

The strategy involves studying the cards with care, based on patterns, symbols, and combinations that result in a win.

Also, scratch cards carry information that reveals the odds of winning the jackpot.

Pick tickets that have higher odds.

Make sure you read the fine print as well if your ticket has subsidiary prizes or second draws to amplify your win.

Optimise your luck

Scratch card winners have sworn by one method-luck. This means buying from the same store, scratching at a particular time or choosing a specific coin type to unearth your luck.

Multiple time winners often wait at stores to see if players go on a dry spell. Experts believe that a big jackpot is due after a long dry period.

Adept players incorporate uncertainty and luck into their winning strategy.


There is no doubt that what stood as an innocuous ticket at the stand could be your big win.

However, it is imperative to stick to a budget and not get overwhelmed by possibilities.

Use your resources and time effectively to optimise your odds.

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