Poker vs Blackjack – Which Game Is Easy To Play

This article will give you a clear vision on which game is easy to play and understand, Poker or Blackjack.

This topic has always been quite popular among players who play poker and blackjack. Some says poker is very easy to play and understand while some  say that blackjack is quite an easy and interesting game to play.

Well to be honest if any of the given games would have been easy to play then winning a million dollars in the game wouldn’t have been so difficult for any individual. Both the games are quite easy to understand but it require proper strategy and mindset in order to win the game.

Also not to forget, LUCK is one of the main criteria if you want to win in poker or blackjack.

It takes a lot to be a good poker or blackjack player and by saying a lot we actually mean it.

Blackjack is an amazing game and the best game for those who can remember the track or each and every card because if a player can keep the track of the cards then the player gets an unnamed benefit over others in blackjack.

Well, the world has always seen people making millions in poker and not in blackjack but that doesn’t means that blackjack is not a great game.

Thoughts On Poker:

There are many people who have made their career in poker and have become quite famous by playing poker in big leagues and winning those big league amounts. There are many poker gambling agent (agen judi poker) who are nowadays teaching peole who to play poker and telling them the odds of winning a game by using good strategy and tectics.

Always keep in mind that poker a game of luck, strategy and mind. There are many famous poker players who have won games just by playing with mind and bluffing in the whole game on their opponents and forcing the opponent to quit the game before saying SHOW.

All the players in a poker game will get equal number of cards which can differ in denomination. The difference will be made only by the decisions made by players.

Thoughts On Blackjack:

Blackjack is the less played game than poker because of the odds of winning and the drama which a player enjoys in poker and not in blackjack. It is more of a game where players can memorize the track of cards and win the game. Also in blackjack there are no opponents. Yes, you always play blackjack against the casino owner and not against any opponent.

Keeping the count or say the track of cards is one of the best advantage and technique used to win a blackjack game.

There are many strategies used to win a blackjack game but the most used and basic strategy is keeping the track of cards which is quite easy and many professional blackjack players use this trick to get an advantage over the casino.


It can never be derived if poker is a better game to play or blackjack but concluding the above given article it can clearly be said that poker is a better game than blackjack as you are playing against real opponent in poker and not against a casino.

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