A Guide to ToTo Results and Predictions

Toto can make you a tidy amount of money in profits.

However, while it is purely a game of chance, there are certain steps you should take to increase your odds of winning.  

For instance, by reading eBooks from 4dinsingapore.com, you can learn some insights on how to approach toto more strategically.

To help you increase your odds of winning, here is a guide to toto results and predictions.

  1. Analyze the previous winning number

If you go through toto results a few weeks or months back, you will notice a trend. For instance, you could find that there are numbers that appear more times than others in the possible winning numbers. From such a trend, you can predict that the numbers that haven’t yet won for long could be part of the next winning number combination. This doesn’t have to be the case though. The whole idea is not to get the correct set of numbers on the first try, it is to try and increase your probability of winning as you keep trying. By taking this approach, your chances of winning are higher than someone just doing it randomly.

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  1. Mix odd and even numbers in toto number combinations

Rarely has an all even or all odd number won toto. As such, to increase your chances of winning, go for a mix of odd and even numbers. To further increase your statistical odds of winning, go for a mix of odd and even numbers that are yet to appear in the last consecutively toto winning numbers. Again this technique doesn’t guarantee you of winning, but it gives you a higher probability of winning from a mathematical perspective.  You may play around with these numbers too. For instance, if the largest proportion of winning numbers has been odd, you can increase the number of even numbers when playing the next jackpot.

  1. Try playing a set of consecutive numbers

This sounds counterintuitive but it can significantly increase your odds of winning.  That’s because, not many people expect such a number combination to be drawn as a winner. Most people expect a complex combination of numbers. Since the whole toto game is all about making the odds of winning as hard as possible to the average player, playing such an odd combination can significantly increase your chances of winning. It’s not a guarantee, but the odds are higher.

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  1. Try combining probability with a little bit of astrology

Well, this is a bit of a stretch, you have to remember that there is no sure way to making winning predictions. As such, anything goes when it comes to making predictions, including combining probability with astrology. For instance, you can combine a set of numbers with numbers that you feel have given you luck in the past. You never know, this can extend your luck and give yourself the toto jackpot. You can even play on days when your horoscope has good readings. It could be your lucky day and you end up winning big with toto.

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