Do You Know These Countries Where Torrenting Is Legal Or Not?

Torrenting is one of the fastest-growing ways to share files on the internet. Torrenting legal content is legal, but downloading any copyrighted material is definitely illegal.

The reason torrenting is recommended as most people want to download copyrighted material without the approval of the holder’s permission. Here the ultimate truth is torrenting is legal in many countries and all are using it to download files of all kinds.

Torrenting involves downloading files from other users’ devices on the network. It is the most common form of file sharing, and it needs torrent management software to connect to the BitTorrent interface.

Torrenting Safety And Legality

The consequences of using torrents can vary but includes fines and imprisonment. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding torrenting and the consequences will be completely dependent upon them.

So, in order to use torrents, you need to download a VPN network and then you can use torrent sites to download all movies of your choice.

Torrenting is considered to be illegal because it does not have its own content or files and uses other’s content of other sites. This is why the government bands torrent sites from time to time. Moreover, torrent sites receive more traffic even in millions because they host content for absolutely free.

List Of Countries Where Torrenting Is Legal

Torrent is viewed as a piracy crime because the content in torrent sites is illegal. The punishments can be very severe in specific countries where torrenting is not allowed at all. So, you need to research about the same where the torrent is legal or not and then start downloading games, movies, software, etc.

Many countries are protective of the copyrighted material while others are really okay to share. Now, let’s discuss the list of countries when torrenting is legal.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the land of free torrenting. In this country, you are allowed to use torrent but you must not do any kind of business with downloaded content.

Here, the laws about the internet are loosely formed and they are strict in favor of the people who like to download torrents. There are many privacy laws that are in favor of the people who download through torrents and make it illegal for the third party.

2. Mexico

Mexico is a legal place to download torrents of every kind as there are still no laws to ban them. According to the research, more than ninety percent of the internet users in Mexico download music via torrent daily.

Luckily, I have not seen anyone arrested for downloading torrent content in Mexico. This place is completely safe to download content from torrent websites and you can also download free software and games. You can also use a VPN service for the same.

3. The Netherlands

Torrenting is somewhat unsafe in the Netherlands. Legally, you are not allowed to upload anything on the internet and this makes the situation more interesting than ever.

You are not allowed to share your downloaded content with others because that is completely illegal. Here, the users can download torrents from users from other countries without the feeling of guilt. The best part of downloading content is that you get high-quality content.

4. Spain

Another country where the torrent is legal is Spain. You can download content from torrent websites but there should be no monetized profit involved. Torrenting is legal by declaring that the purpose of making wages over breaking copyright laws counts.

In this country, there are no laws on torrenting, and this means that anything created and put on the internet is available for anyone completely free of cost.

5. Canada

The Canadian government allows file sharing by means of torrents. In this country, torrent is not illegal unless the content is subjected to copyright and there are against the same.

Besides, the past years have witnessed a dangerous increase in torrent-related crimes and many other countries are banning torrenting for good. This is one of the best places to download content for absolutely free.

Closing Thoughts

What happens if you get caught torrenting? You may have to give some fines and may experience imprisonment for some years or so. The above listed are some of the countries where torrenting is legal while there are also many countries where the torrent is banned completely. Besides, if you have any doubts about the same, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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