Why Mobile Apps are Still Critical for the Success of Business

We are living in 2020 and mobile apps have become an inevitable part of our life now. For every second thing we have a mobile app. Counting from ordering food online to booking cabs, from buying a safety pin for your need to buying a flight ticket online. For all the things we have a mobile application.

Therefore a mobile app is a must for every business nowadays. So in order to increase your business online you must have an app for it. The technology is changing and advancing everyday and people are getting more addicted to smartphones. Websites are used only to read articles and to gather information about some topic but is someone wants to purchase or order something then the best approach is doing it through a mobile app.

Mobile Apps in Business are important and this is proven right in the past few years.

Your business don’t have a mobile application yet? Do you know how to make a mobile app?

You don’t?

No worries.

Check out this super comprehensive in-depth guide to mobile app development best practices.

Btw, if you are thinking that your business don’t need a mobile application and only big brands like amazon, walmart, alibaba needs mobile app then you are wrong. Bringing your business on mobile app opens the gate for your business to reach a large amount of audience which you were not able to target through a website.


All business owners should understand one thing that making an effective and easy to understand mobile app involves a lot more than making a website.

Here are some reasons as to why mobile apps are important for the success of a business:

A mobile app plays a vital role in building your brand reputation and awareness among people. If your business is not having a mobile application then it leaves a negative impact on the users who are learning about your business. As per a survey, 70% of people look for a mobile app of a brand they have just heard about.

So having a mobile app plays an important role in building brand awareness.

  • Easy to Communicate with Target Audience:

Easy to Communicate

A mobile application helps in locating your taget audience easily and making your business reach to a large number of users. It is the best way for users to communicate with the brands. As per a survey done in 2019, about 87% of people use mobile phones for all their shopping and other needs to buy stuff online and almost 79% of these people search for mobile apps of the brand from where they want to do shopping.

So if your business is not have a mobile application then it is surely hampering your business growth.

  • Increase in Profit:

Taking in note the above 2 points, suppose your business is having a mobile app and people are installing your business app and using it to buy stuff online from you then it is increasing your profit on a great scale which could have not been possible without the app.

Therefore if your business is giving you good profit with just having a website only then it is the right time to have a mobile app for your business to see increase in profit.

  • Stand Out From Competition:

A and B are two business owners and both have same niche in business. A and B both has website from where they run their business online but now B is investing in mobile application and has hired the best mobile app developer to make an mobile application for his business. After launching the app, B suddenly see increase in his business and profit.

Having a mobile application for your business helps you to stand out from competition and even defeat your competition in business.

  • Increase in Customer Loyalty:

Customer Loyalty

Having a mobile app for your business surely increases the customer loyalty towards your business. Do you know the reason why this happens? Well, a mobile application gives a path to the customers from where customers can directly get in touch with the business and the business owners can also get in touch with their customers and their needs.

Suppose your brand is running a social media campaign about your business. A potential user sees the campaign and installs your business app at that time only. The conversion rate of that customer is appriximately around 80% now and rest 20% depends upon your product quality and details.

Now you see the power and importance of a mobile app to make a business successful.

Hope this article will help all the business owners who are still not having a mobile app for their business.

This is the time guys. Get a mobile application of your brand and reach to a large number of potential customers whom you might have been missing all this time just because you were not having a mobile application for your brand.

Do let us know your thoughts and views about the same.

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