Why Magento is Chosen By Small E-Commerce Start-Up and Entrepreneur

Magento has emerged as one of the most robust and flexible technologies for the ecommerce webstore.


For the successful implementation of the ecommerce websites there are certain features that are required like product management, store management, category, invoice management, sub-category, vendor management (if there are vendors in the list), shipping management and so on.


Magento facilitates all these and much more which have collectively made it the go-to technology for the small or beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs.


Magento has been the number one choice for the small ecommerce startups because of its extensible features and easy availability.


In comparison to the other frameworks, it is the fastest-growing technology that has surpassed its competition many years back by 2008.

why magento ecommerce

It is for this reason that Magento is the first choice among the leading corporate brands like Burger-King, Coca-Cola and much more till date.


If you are still having second thoughts about choosing Magento for your ecommerce,


then here are some reasons that will explain


Why Magento has remained the hot favorite among the ecommerce start-ups and entrepreneurs.


  • Magento Happens to be An Open-Source Platform

The cost of setting up an ecommerce business is quite overwhelming. But with Magento you can get a full ecommerce suite for free which is its Community edition.

You can upgrade to the Enterprise edition that adds more functionality and features in exchange of just a small amount.


  • Magento Happens to be Quite Flexible

Every business is unique and calls for different requirements.

This is the fact that the Magento platform pays heed to and permits the customers to meet their specific needs by customizing the functions.

Through the Magento connect feature, this one also offers extensions in the Magento marketplace. At the time of operating an ecommerce business you cannot afford to fall short of options that can boost up the functionality.

This is what sets Magento apart from the rest of the ecommerce platforms that offer rigid options that may not be best for your ecommerce.


  • Magento Offers a Highly Secured Platform

To stronghold the ecommerce store, Magento offers unmatched security features. Its payment options and security plugins have quashed the security issues. As a result of that, hackers are prohibited from breaching into the system.


  • Magento is the Fastest Responsive Platform as well as is Mobile-friendly

Along with the data-base optimizing techniques and high-end catching technology, Magento is one of the fastest-responsive ecommerce platforms available today.

Not only that, since over 80 percent of the online traffic is generated by mobile phones, hence Magento has employed HTML5 capabilities that make sure that mobile users can easily access your site from their mobile phones.


  • Magento Can be Made Seo-friendly for Traffic Generation

When it is the time to work in collaboration with the Search Engine Optimization or SEO friendly plugins for placing the websites on the top of the searched options available, there is no competition for Magento as it tops the charts in this case.


  • Magento Offers Ready Support

Small businesses require information about how to use the various features of Magento tools.

Since it is an open-source platform hence it has invited a large community of expert users.

The website developers and IT experts who have used this platform can provide you with valuable advice on any issue that you may encounter.

This is crucial for the small businesses as they often lack the technical knowledge to put to use the tools available in the Magento platform.

There are many Q and A forums available online that can give you clear insights about how to use these tools effectively.


The above are some of the reasons why Magento is the first choice of the small e-commerce start-ups and entrepreneurs.


If you are thinking of making the most of this platform you should appoint the most competent firm of Magento development India where the team not only have the apt knowledge but also massive experience in this regard and have used this platform for creating the websites for businesses belonging to a variety of industry niches.


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