Why Instagram Is Integral to the Success of Fashion Brands

It is quite a known fact that social media platforms, especially, Instagram have taken over the conventional media for promotion and branding. Today, fashion, fitness, and some other industries that were heavily dependent on conventional media coverage are actually relying on the social media platform.

They are, in fact, giving more importance to visual sharing platforms such as Instagram to such an extent that its demand, popularity, and acceptance among the fashion events and marketers have reached incredible heights.

The phenomenal success of this photo-sharing app called Instagram is increasingly being harnessed by the top fashion brands.

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Instagram: The Choicest Platform for Fashion Brands

Instagram is fundamentally designed for effective storytelling through the use of attention-grabbing pictures and visual effects. As fashion relies heavily on stunning graphics and striking visuals, it is but natural for Instagram to be the hot favorite channel of promotion for showcasing top fashion brands.

Furthermore, Instagram has been instrumental in exposing fashion to a much wider audience. Its introduction has hence liberated the fashion world from the shackles of closed-door approaches, elitism, and the need to ride on the popularity of celebrities to forward their brand.

With this new marketing approach, fashion brands have become more accessible, more approachable, almost more human- which makes them attractive to customers and Instagram followers.


Instagram’s Phenomenal March Forward

The growing popularity of Instagram in the world of fashion is not at all hype but a reality. The ‘Council of Fashion Designers of America’ had actually honored Instagram with its prestigious annual Media Award declaring the tipping of the scales in favor of the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram has successfully democratized the world of fashion by opening the doors to a much broader audience and this way, it has facilitated numerous smart and novel marketing avenues. Instagram has been adding value to the fashion world in numerous ways. Here are some of them.


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Fading Lines of Demarcation between the Online & Offline Events

Previously, events of the fashion industry were mostly organized in relatively more private and closed-door venues. It was possible for the larger audience to come to know of them only via post-event media coverage. Thanks to Instagram, that era of closed-door policy and approach has come to a logical end.

Today, fashion designers are involved in the active promotion of hashtags and they are actively encouraging live audiences for sharing pictures to boost their marketing. This has become a novel technique of effectively engaging a much larger audience with a brand or an event.

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More Publicity with Blogs & Pictures

Blogs offer opportunities for the marketers to share more information and perspective with their target audience much beyond the typical promotional content. This is the reason why blogging is an immensely critical tool to be used by webmarketers.

With the growing popularity of handheld devices, the attention span of users is actually shrinking and they are now opting for visuals or images over text. In the fashion industry, the visual storytelling has been taken to the next level with blogs.

Thanks to Instagram’s photo stories covering fashion shows and events, it is now a lot easier to do immense publicity.


Establishing a Brand Statement

Creating and establishing a brand personality is critical to engaging your audience.  An effective picture depicting the culture & lifestyle of a brand and its entire range of products would be instrumental in shaping an identity that the users would be associating with the specific brand. By using Instagram, a fashion brand can effectively establish more than an image- an aura, in fact, encompassing their taste, focus areas, and lifestyle.



Instagram has effectively liberated the world of fashion from the clutches of the elite to the masses. Event organizers, fashion designers, and event attendees are today able to freely share live pictures directly from the venue, aiding them in broadening their horizon. With the phenomenal popularity and success of Instagram, this photo-sharing platform is fast becoming an active selling and monetizing platform for fashion brands.


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