Best Guide on What To Wear On Your First Date

Did you finally get the courage to ask out the girl of your dreams, and even better, she said yes? You have already planned what you’ll do, where you’ll eat, and what time to meet, but now you need to figure out what you’re going to wear.

First impressions are huge when it comes to deciding if your date will want to see you for another again. Although looks aren’t everything, it is a crucial factor to look your best on the first date.

We are going to go over some tips about how to dress on the first date to impress the girl on the other side of the table.

Appropriate Clothes for Type of Date

Pick Appropriate Clothes for the Type of Date:

You are the one who chose where to take your date, so this part will be natural for you. Think about the places you’re having the date and what types of clothing are appropriate. It would be weird wearing a suit and tie to a bowling alley.

For a more casual date, like something outdoors, an activity, or a sporting event, you want to dress more relaxed. However, this doesn’t mean sloppy. Make sure what you wear is clean and smells nice.

A relaxed look can be a pair of jeans, dark washed and fitted, and a newer shirt. More colored jeans look nicer than light ones but make sure they aren’t worn down or have holes.

The shirt should be new, and any logo or writing shouldn’t be faded. Also, check for pit stains, that is never a good look. Tucking in your shirt also can make you look more put together.

If you are taking your date to a fancy dinner or restaurant, dress up a little bit. Wearing a fitted suit and tie will make any woman drool. Don’t dress in a black suit, as that seems more serious. Wear a navy or grey sports jacket or blazer with a white shirt.

A tie can tell a lot about someone’s personality, so choose wisely. If you want your date to take you seriously, wear a neutral-toned one with minimum patterns. When you want a conversation started, pick one that has a funny story attached to it. There is a lot of information online about the types of ties you can wear for your first date.

Have Good Hygiene

Have Good Hygiene:

Hygiene might be even more important than the clothes you are wearing. No one wants to kiss, hold hands with, or hug someone who they think is dirty. If that is your goal at the end of the date, make sure you take some time before the evening to prepare.

After taking a fresh shower, there are some key things to remember. You should then moisturize your skin and lips. Then, if you have facial hair, trim it or groom it to make it look fresh. Spray some cologne with a pleasant manly fragrance, but don’t overdo it.

Always brush and floss before a date as well. Even if you don’t have perfect teeth, ladies take oral hygiene very seriously. Maybe get some whitening toothpaste for that extra glow. No one will want to kiss someone who has coffee, smokers, or stale breath.

Another critical area to make sure is clean are your hands and fingernails. This is even more important if you have a hands-on job like a mechanic or landscaper. You want to feel confident about giving a hug or a brush on the arm to a girl that you like. You don’t want her pulling away or using hand sanitizer right afterward.

Always Smile on Date

A Smile:

Smiles are contagious and show that you’re having a good time on the date. When you smile at someone, they feel better about the situation because of the increase in the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Your date will then like you more!

Also, a kind smile can even make you more attractive. This is because when you smile, your face and eye light. You will look happier and healthier too, which helps your lady become more attracted to you.

The Bottom Line:

Now you are all set to get going on your date! No matter what you wear or where you go on the day, the most important thing is to be yourself! She will realize she is with a great man and hopefully will go on another date with you!

Relax, and enjoy the date for what it is. However, to look your best, you should remember to dress appropriately for the type of date, show good hygiene, and bring a bright smile!

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