Is Your iPhone Dead? Here Is What To Do With Your Dead iPhone?

In this day and age, iPhones have become so popular that one can find every other person in the United Kingdom carrying an iPhone.


Though iPhones are the hottest electronic gadgets, they won’t last forever. They are extremely fragile and prone to breakage. A single mistake or misbehave with an iPhone can end up its life.


If your iPhone has been dead due to whatever reason, first try to approaching AppleCare+ to get support if the problem can be fixed.


If it can’t, don’t treat it as a junk. There are different things that you can do with your dead iPhone instead of throwing it away in a trash can.


This article provides some useful tips that will help you discard your dead iPhone in a safe and lucrative way. So, continue reading it!


What to do with dead iPhone

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Never Throw Your Dead iPhone Away

Keep in mind that your dead iPhone has some worth. So, if you find yourself with a dead iPhone then never dump it into a rubbish bin.


Try to sell or trade in your iPhone, it will help you earn a reasonable amount of pounds that you can use to invest in a new device.


Another reason for not throwing dead iPhones away is that it is prohibited by the government legislation. Mobile phones contain various harmful substances such as chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, and selenium etc. that cause harm to the environment as well as human beings.


When you end up your iPhone in a landfill, it will release toxic chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil too. Therefore, there are now mobile phone recycling initiatives that give people a way to safely dispose of and recycle old and broken mobile phones in an eco-friendly way for cash.


Now I am sure that you will never treat your old or even dead iPhone as a waste. 


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Let’s take a look what you can do with your dead phone.

  • Trade in or Sell It

sell your iphone

If you have a dead iPhone that is beyond repair, you should consider selling it. Sell your dead iPhone on Craigslist or eBay. Post an ad regarding your device carefully and don’t forget to list it as “parts only” or “no-functioning” iPhone. It will help you reach out the most relevant buyers who are willing to pay you for your dead iPhone.


Another option is e-commerce retailer such as Amazon and Walmart which give you money in exchange for your non-working iPhone. Bear in mind that eBay and Amazon charge some fees when you consider them for selling your iPhone that you don’t need anymore.


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  • Recycle It

Recycle your iPhone

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If you don’t know how you can discard your dead iPhone in a safe manner then consider recycling the device. Like many other smart phones, Apple iPhones should not be discarded with regular garbage as they can pollute the environment.


Mobile phone recycling websites such as FoneBank, iPhone Recycler, and SellSmartForCash allow you to get a postage envelope to send your handset in for disposal. These recycling companies accept all models of iPhones at best prices that you can’t find on Craigslist or auction websites.


Millions of iPhone units are manufactured and sold throughout the world every year but a large number of people are still not aware that mobile phone can be recycled for cash.


According to recent studies, approximately 44% of old phones are just stored in the drawers/ cupboards of people’s homes. This is why it still needs to promote mobile phone recycling.


Why you Consider Mobile Phone Comparison Websites for Selling or Recycling Dead iPhone?

As there is a large number of mobile phone recycling companies out there, it has become quite difficult to find the one that will pay you the maximum price for your dead iPhone.


You should need to compare so that you may know who offers what and find out the highest value. Thanks to mobile phone comparison websites that have made it possible to perform a comparison in a matter of seconds.


You just need to enter your iPhone model into the search bar and then select the condition of your device, you will get a list of top-rated recycling websites with their recent prices to choose from.


Comparison websites use advanced comparison tools to make a fair and quick comparison of their listed recycling sites. Hence, you have the freedom to choose any deal that suits you.


In a brief note, when you sell or recycle your dead iPhone using one of the comparison websites like ‘Sell My Mobile’ you will truly have a chance to get most of the money as well as save time and energy. So, always prefer to go for a mobile phone comparison website instead of directly selecting a recycler.


If you have now decided to sell or recycle your dead iPhone for cash, it’s highly appreciating. Hence, before putting it for sale, you should remove all data from your dead handset. Let’s take a look at how you can recover data from a dead iPhone!


How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone?

There are lots of people who ask how to recover data from a dead iPhone. Actually, when your iPhone is dead, the most significant thing is to save your data from the dead device, but how you can solve this big problem, below is the solution:


To restore data from a dead iPhone, you need to use a third-party program which enables you to retrieve lost data from a non-functioning iPhone. Click on EaseUS MobiSaver Free or Dr.fone – Recover iOS to know the data recovery procedure.


After getting back up from your dead iPhone, now your device is ready for sale. Visit SellTheMobile and compare mobile phone recycling deals. Through this, you’ll save time and hassle, get the best deal and most money for your non-functioning handset at the same time. Recycle your dead iPhone, help yourself, other people, and the Environment too.

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