What Is The Best Brand Of Garage Doors?

When it comes to selecting a garage door, there are several brands to select from—each having its strengths and weaknesses. This makes it quite difficult to say that; this particular brand of garage door is the best. So if you are planning to install a garage door anytime soon, what you should be checking for is which garage door material and design are perfect for you.

Once you decide which material and design to go for, the next step is to check with top garage door manufacturers like Brand Garage Doors of Cleveland to see if they produce such kinds of garage door designs.

Meanwhile, here are some essential materials to look out for when shopping for a garage door.


One of the common materials used in making new garage doors is steel reinforced with rigid foam insulation. Panels that contain 24-ga steel are the strongest, but 26-ga and 28-ga steel is also used. If you decide to go for a steel garage door, it is important that you make sure it has a polyester topcoat and backed-on primer to offer maximum protection against rusting. A garage door made of steel is a good option for anyone looking for a long-lasting garage door.


Wood was once the main material used in the production of garage doors, but because it required regular maintenance and painting, most people stopped going for it. Nevertheless, if you prefer to go for a wooden garage door, it’s a good choice. Most times, wooden garage doors are manufactured with hardboard panels and a hemlock frame. Typically, the warranty for wooden doors made by a reputable factory is one year.


Plastic garage doors are lightweight and durable. They don’t require routine upkeep like steel garage doors. Although they’re fairly new to the garage door industry, they seem like a top contender in the coming years. Unlike metal and wooden garage doors, plastic garage doors are not prone to corrosion. They also contain UV-resistant additives, which protect them against the effect of direct sunlight. Plastic garage doors can operate almost silently. Plastic garage doors often have warranties that last up to twenty years or longer.

Insulated Garage Doors and R Values

Insulated garage doors are perfect for people living in a three or four-season climate, and their garage is attached to their home. This is because they can help reduce coldness, noise and make the garage door’s skin less vulnerable to dents.

Custom Garage Door

Custom garage doors can be made in any shape or color. One of the reasons people prefer to go for custom garage doors is space. So whether you need a door large enough to house your RV or any other kind of long vehicle, you can go for a custom garage door.

With a custom garage door, you can ensure that your garage door is the right size without having to compromise on any key feature.

Compared to traditional garage doors, custom garage doors offer more style and color. As long as one contacts the right manufacturer, you can get any form of custom garage door you desire.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Garage Door

Garage doors form a major part of a home exterior design. So, when selecting a garage door, you need to be on the lookout for one that meets your style and taste. You want a garage door that doesn’t stand out—negatively against your overall exterior design.

Since various companies manufacture garage doors, each adds a bit of style to a standard door to make them stand out. Some of them even allow you to make some minor changes to your garage door designs before installing them. So in case you already have your mindset on a particular garage door design, but the garage door is not available in your preferred color, you can easily request that the door be repainted for you. But of course, this is depending on the company you are dealing with and how much the change will affect the overall function of the garage door.

Some experts consider a garage door with bands of horizontal ribbing or non-textured flush door design as the right choice for a contemporary home.

Cost Of Purchasing A Garage Door

Garage doors vary in size, color, decorations, colors, insulating qualities, and even in price. The cost of garage doors greatly depends on their manufacturer and the material used in making them.

Generally, steel garage doors are the most budget-friendly of all garage door materials out there. Wood and plastic garage doors are more expensive, while custom garage doors can cost twice as much as the rest.

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