What Are Cell Phone Charms Used for?

Cute phone charms are magical and congratulations on your new phone accessory. Now you are discovering something new. Let us begin.

We express ourselves through emotions, dressings, and behaviors. Everyone has a unique accent and way of expression. Music, art, and trendy stuff are a part of it.

One thing is for sure whatever you pick, you are expressing yourself. It is something that people do every day. Fashion is a constant dominant factor in the whole scenario.

Our outfits depict our personality but we cannot afford outfits often. So, accessories can help you express yourself and define who you are.

Phone charms are used as fashion accessories. It was a short-lived trend of the 90s, but it’s back. Hollywood celebrities are adorning their cell phone charms on their Instagram handles. But do you know what cell phone charms are?

What are cell phone charms?

Cell phone charms are tiny, similar-sized, and like bracelet charms. The only difference is it is made to adorn smartphones. It varies in appearance and utilities. It features animations, celebrity images, fruits, pearls, exclusive solitaires, video game characters, and more.

Cell phone charms these days are popular amongst younger generations. It is a way to demonstrate their interest, hobbies, and subject.

It is available in a wide range of prices, various materials, and designs so that a person can pick one matching their personality. Cell phone charms manufactured all over the world by n number of companies. It can elaborate woven designs to intricate embroideries and handmade tapestries that are custom made or manufactured in factories.

For example, small playing cards and dice are an ideal charm for one who likes the casinos of Las Vegas. Similarly, cute smiley charms are for fun-loving girls. Cartoon characters take you back to your childhood days. Every phone charm has a story behind it.

Cell phone charms are not the only piece of art but are practical and functional pieces. You can attach them to keychains, small flashlights, and handbags. Make your phone charms look like small burgers and miniature items if you are a foodie.

How to Use Cell Phone Charms?

As per Google data, phone charms were 90’s trends. The nineties trend is back with a bang, and all the noughties are loving it. Since celebrities started wearing charms on their phones, people have copied their trend. From 2020 to 2022, it is used as:

  1. Phone charms
  2. Pendants
  3. Grips
  4. Handbag decoration
  5. Zipper pull
  6. Ceiling fan pull
  7. As presents

You can use it to decorate or for other purposes. It is customizable and keeps your phone away from getting smashed. The trend is growing day by day. You can see celebs like Dupa Lipa and Kendall Jenner posing with eclectic beads charms on their phones.

How to Put a Charm on a cell phone?

Easy Phone Charm Installation:

You can easily install your phone charm with the old-fashioned method. A built-in charm hanger is the easiest way to clip your phone charm to your mobile. If your phone is without a hanger, you can do it either way.

For that, you need to check for a small bar. It may be inside, on the upper side of the phone. When you buy a charm you will get a loop attached to it. If you don’t get it, buy a cellphone strap i.e. A sturdy narrow loop.

Open the jump ring and attach the loop to it. It is as same as you attaching a keyring to your keys. Squeeze the cord and insert it into the loop and pull it tightly. Now, the loop is secured and you are all set.

Installation of Phone Charm via Phone Case:

If your phone doesn’t have a built-in hanger. The phone case is the best way to home a phone charm. For that remove the phone case from the smartphone and look for the hole that can strap a loop. Push it through the hole and let the loop dangle. Now tighten the loop and tug it nicely. Put the phone case back.

Jack Jumper as a Phone Charm:

Buying a plastic plug is another way to secure your phone charm. It is used on the phone that does not come with the charm holder. It is the best way to attach the charm. But you need to remove the phone charm whenever you wish to plug in the headphone jack. It comes with the loop cord attached and you just need to attach the clasp.

What are cell phone charms and where can you use them? Now you know. So, next time your BFF asks you brief them about cell phone charm uses. Will you?

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