16 Tubi TV Alternatives (Free Apps Like Tubi TV)

Tubi TV is a well-known service that allows users to watch tv shows and movies in high-definition online. It features an extensive database that will be continually updated. As a result, you’ll have no trouble discovering and enjoying Tubi’s material, whether it’s classical or current. Tubi TV is likely to be on the list of top online streaming services for movie and TV series fans.

On the other hand, Tubi TV owners promote advertisements and other pop up ads on their platform, which irritate users, when they discover the movie or tv show they want to watch or download. Many users might be interested in apps and sites like Tubi TV, which offers a more effortless and cost-effective way to watch movies, watch tv episodes and watch tv shows online.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top online platforms similar to Tubi TV for you to check out in this article. Let’s check it out!

1. Yidio

Yidio is a video aggregator that gathers material from various subscription-based video streaming services and allows users to access it all in one place. This app enables you to keep track of your favourite TV series and movies, as well as search for and watch them. Because you can control your TV and movie viewing habits from one application, this software will save you both time and money.

The solution may be used on mobile and online platforms by individuals who wish to watch their favorite shows and movies on time and of the most incredible quality. Yidio is also recognized as a customized TV and movie directory that assists you in finding TV programs to watch online instantly. A universal search bar is included in the app, allowing you to find tv shows online and streaming movies quickly.

2. WatchSeries

On WatchSeries, you can watch full episodes of television shows and movies for free from any location in the globe, including your home. Streaming and downloading videos are both possible with the website’s high-speed internet connection, so anybody can enjoy their favorite TV show while simultaneously downloading and watching them on their computer or mobile device offline.

It operates similarly to other major tv shows streaming site, and it includes all of the essential features and services for a genuine experience. There are many TV series, anime tv series that you can view and download on the website. WatchSeries is an entirely free streaming service that requires no registration. There’s also a powerful recommendation system to help you get the most out of your time here.

3. Popcornflix

Thousands of premium movies are available for free on Popcornflix. It is a helpful site that allows its customers to view movies they like without spending a single penny. It also offers a premium version with additional capabilities, allowing you to view free feature-length movies on your mobile phones and tablets. Its customers may effortlessly access more than 700 videos without paying any costs.

Its fermium program requires no membership or payment and allows you to view many movies immediately. Popcornflix releases new films every day and offers various additional unique services to its movie buffs. It has movie content from multiple genres, including comedy, adventure, romance, thrillers, horror, and more, and it does not impose any restrictions on its users.

4. Crackle

Crackle is the name of a well-known apple television application that makes it simple to view free movies and tv series. This app does not need a membership to be used. In addition, there is the ability to bookmark your favorite movies and television series for later viewing. Sony Pictures Entertainment is responsible for the production. It also comes with a split-screen mode.

The top of the screen will display the list of highlighted movies, and at the bottom will be a long list of titles shown on the screen. All of the shows are just a click away. This app’s playback pop-up window appearance might be improved. To watch a video in full-screen mode, you have to click on the video. Daily updates are made to the forum’s collection of information.

5. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is an easy-to-use free streaming service that lets you view full-length HD television shows, series, news, and programming. The site has a fantastic dark UI that transports you to an actual movie theater. It features a large selection of TV programs and shows that span numerous genres, much like other movie streaming services. There are programs to stream and watch in each genre.

There’s also a section dedicated to new releases, where you can find all of the most recent releases. It has a sophisticated level suggestion system that suggests all titles based on your interests, making it a complete platform. The streaming site Couch Tuner is completely free to use and requires no registration. You must first locate your preferred title and then use all its features without restriction.

6. Stremio

Stremio, a collection of indie films published in 2011, was the first edition. People in North America can get it now. It works on various devices, from gaming consoles to streaming devices to web browsers. It was entirely independent producers that created the vast majority of original material for the site when it first went live. They also have a large number of web series available.

They have, however, started to add high-quality Hollywood films from a range of genres to their collection. You have to watch ads to see the whole movie in these high-profile films, which means you have to pay to see them. Stremio also offers live streaming of television programs, including classic movies and a modest selection of British programmers.

7. Movies Found Online

This website, Movies Found Online, is worth a look at. There’s a good mix of feature films, documentaries, and shorts. Almost all of the content on the website was created by hand. In addition, it should be mentioned that all of the material is housed on third-party websites. This website integrates videos from different video streaming services, making it easier to locate what you’re looking for.

However, you should be warned that this site has several pop-up advertisements before accessing it. Overall, the material of Movies Found Online is minimal. Additionally, it isn’t easy to navigate and has many promotions. Even though these qualities would typically raise suspicions, Movies Found Online is an excellent source for hard-to-find films.

8. SnagFilms

SnagFilms was established in 2008 and now offers more than 5,000 films. You do not need to be a member to watch, and there is also an app accessible for most streaming devices that you can download. Many documentaries and indie films may be found on SnagFilms. Although B-movies and older films have been added to the website, it is still in the early stages of development.

The majority of these films are unknown names starring great actors before they became well-known. There is no user-generated content. SnagFilms curates its library with great care. On the other hand, documentary filmmakers may submit their work for consideration. You’ll discover high-quality documentaries, including National Geographic programming since the content is hand-selected.

9. Just Watch

It is a streaming and movie search engine where authentic material is accessible for everyone to view. Just Watch provides legal deals from 37 of the world’s most popular streaming service providers. Whether you are looking for Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Hulu, or HBO, you will find them all here. There are more than 60,000 TV series and movies available to view at the moment.

All of the video material accessible on this site is nicely arranged, with trailers, synopses, IMDB ratings, and information about the actors included. Using this revolutionary software comparable to tubi tv, you can find out what movies are playing in the theaters near you. You can log in and sync your watch list with your phone or tablet if you have a valid account.

10. Pluto TV

In terms of on-demand content, Pluto TV — owned by Viacom — offers a good variety, but it truly excels when it comes to living TV streaming. Viewers may look through a grid of live stations in the same way they would a cable TV guide. Other well-known companies, such as CNN and Fox Sports, are also available, albeit they only show handpicked excerpts instead of the live broadcast you’d see on cable.

To access Pluto’s live and on-demand content, all you have to do is click the “Live” button. It’s simple to locate what you’re looking for, thanks to the categorization of both. There are advertisements, but they aren’t much more than you’d see on cable. Users do not even need to register to watch Pluto TV; however, they may take advantage of additional services if they do so.


The IMDB TV streaming service is certainly worth a look. It’s ad-supported, but that shouldn’t deter you from using one of the greatest free streaming services out there. Unlike other free ad-supported websites, Amazon has decided to restrict the quantity of advertising shown during most movies and television programs. As a result, it’s one of the greatest ad-supported streaming services out there.

A popular destination for movie buffs, Amazon has held on to IMDB since its acquisition in the 1990s. Some of this technology is integrated into IMDB TV, allowing users to follow performers in films and television episodes. When you combine all of this with a high-definition watching experience, IMDB TV is unquestionably one of the greatest platforms available for absolutely no money.

12. Xumo

In addition to being a famous Tubi TV Alternative, Xumo’s material is separated into around 180 channels; however, most of these channels are not equivalent to those available via cable subscriptions. Because Xumo has agreements with many big TV companies, it’s often the smart TV app that comes with the TV. Android and iOS users may also download it as an app.

It’s easy to use Xumo to watch more than 180 live streaming channels and thousands of movies and tv shows that you can watch at any time. You don’t have to remember a password. It has been announced that another ad-supported streaming platform would be launched to compete with Tubi TV to stay viable. A clean and simple user interface makes Xumo a breeze to use.

13. Sling TV

There are a wide variety of options available to tubi alternatives like Sling TV, which are included in our rankings of the finest legal sites like Tubi TV. Sling Orange and Sling Blue, the company’s two entry-level packages, provide you access to more than 700 channels of entertainment, news, and sports.

There is a $5 charge for an additional 100 hours of DVR storage for all subscriptions. Sling TV does not provide a bundle that meets all of your requirements in terms of entertainment options. The most comprehensive channel packages offered are Sling Blue and Sling Orange, and you must select between news and entertainment, sports, and family-friendly content.

14. Peacock

Peacock is considered one of the greatest Tubi TV alternatives because of the large number of free live news, sports, television shows, and available movies. Peacock’s free tier offers over 13,000 hours of free entertainment, similar to other Tubi TV alternatives. Live sports, movies, news, and humorous skits are just a few of the many options available to the user here.

Even if you don’t have VIP access to the most critical games, Peacock will ensure that you never miss a significant sporting event again. Users’ accounts, as well as offline mobile downloads, are only accessible to higher-tier consumers. Even though Peacock’s free tier is ad-supported, as opposed to Tubi TV, the number of movies available is constantly diminishing.

15. Kanopy

For Kanopy to work, you’ll need a valid library card, which makes it different from other free tubi tv alternatives. With no advertisements and a new film added every month, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of this fantastic streaming service. Streaming video on Kanopy is the best option for anybody looking to enjoy high-quality, thought-provoking entertainment on the go at any time of day.

Inspire, educate, and entertain yourself by watching a wide range of movies and documentaries from across the world, as well as classics and indie films and how-to videos. Using an ad-blocking extension before going to these websites will help you get the most out of the free and legal premium content that these websites offer without having to worry about getting malware.

16. TVMuse

TVMuse is a multi-faceted video streaming websites with five distinct sections. A distinct aim and set of characteristics distinguish each service. Every episode and session of prominent television shows are included in its television program guide, along with a short synopsis of each one. To provide a better experience, the site refreshes new movies regularly.

Its social networking aspect is highly addicting, particularly for movie buffs. It allows users to establish a profile, connect with friends from all over the globe, add favorite movies, and construct a watch list without any restrictions. This combination of a modified version of the Google Search Engine and TVMuse’s proprietary property algorithms serves as the basis for its search engine.

Wrapping Up

These popular websites and applications, such as Tubi TV, are great for watching movies and free streaming tv series. Each platform has its own set of benefits. If you can’t locate your movies or TV shows on one website, try a different one, and you’ll be surprised.

If you despise going to the theaters or prefer to view movies at home, you don’t want to be charged for the privilege of doing so. You may view the highest-rated and most recent films and television series available with the aid of these apps and websites.

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