Web Design Trends for 2020: 10 Stunning Web Design Trends

Making a great first impression is key for any business, and you can significantly grow your sales if you are capable of portraying the right image of your brand. Excellent web design is the first thing your customers notice when they visit your website.

Modern web designs incorporate the latest marketing strategies and boost your sale numbers. eCommerce website development services are getting popular due to increased demand for trendy website designs. This article will take you through

10 stunning web design trends that meet modern design standards:

  1. Full-page headers:

Modern web designs incorporate a popular set up with high-quality and catchy images to the right and call-to-action buttons on the left. Having a CTA button to the left is vital as most of the visitors tend to focus more on the top-left of a website page.

  1. Designed Grids:

Having an asymmetric layout with grids on your home page can help you grab the attention of your visitor. You can create a 2D grid layout using CSS and HTML that provides a responsive web design to make the view consistent across all browsers.

  1. White Spacing:

Nothing works better than minimalism. Make sure to have adequate white spacing on your website, and include information that is short and suitable. Quality of words will make a significant impact rather than the length.

  1. Playable cursors:

Customizing cursor functionality is as simple as changing its shape or triggering an animation upon hover. This simple addition is an easy way to make your visitors engage with the content on your website. Adding a unique element to the cursor can prompt your visitor to stay longer on your website.

  1. Font styling:

Giving a special touch to the font styles can help you deliver a strong message to your potential customers. You can have cool-looking yet professional text on your website written in different font styles to grab the attention of your customer. Screen dominating, outlined, and bold text is increasingly trending today.

  1. Focus more on UI/UX:

Giving a user-friendly experience is the top priority of any web developer today. Your web design should allow engaging, smooth, yet uninterrupted user experience with high-speed page loading and optimized content. Ensure website responsiveness and that it provides a similar experience to mobile users. You can hire a web design company to build the best UI/UX for your website.

  1. Color trends:

Color plays a beautiful role in human psychology, and it can result in better user experience. You can have a color combination that is suitable to represent your brand. Further, it is observed that having soft and cool colors for background and information (white, grey, sky blue) along with bold and warm colors for a call to action (orange, black, red, green) is a trending choice among web designers today.

  1. Engaging stories:

The power of storytelling is not hidden from anyone. Any modern website today shares compelling stories with their visitors. It can improve your conversion rate effectively while giving your brand a voice to communicate with your readers.

  1. Illustrations:

Time for having stock images on your websites is gone. Having graphics can bring life to your website and let your brand speak for itself. You can have illustrations that go beyond the 2D approach. By giving gradient shading, or changing color illustrations, you can compel your visitors to play around on your website for a while.

  1. Dynamic scrolling:

You can enable various 3D effects on your website by incorporating dynamic scrolling. You can set different speeds, trigger animations, and make images appear like magic. You can make background videos play when users scroll over it. It looks modern and makes your website engaging for anyone scrolling on your web page.


Trends help generate leads, and making your website modern requires you to follow trends in your unique way. eCommerce website development services have made it possible for all website owners to stay updated with modern-day trends.

Having a good website design can help your brand convey the right message to the customers. It helps in developing relationship and building trust of the customer, which leads to increased sales and recurring customers.

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