7 Technological Advances in the World of Gaming

Since video games first became popular in the 1980s, they have come a very long way. No longer do you have to play chunky, pixelated games with bulky controllers. Modern innovations, like augmented reality technology and gesture control technology, alongside immersive graphics and high-resolution, have changed the gaming world in numerous beneficial ways. Exciting technological advances in the world of gaming are continuing to develop rapidly. Here are seven of the most significant breakthroughs.

Online Casino Game Advancements

Online casino games like Starburst have become extremely popular amongst gamblers and gamers. If you fancy playing the game yourself, you can check it out here. There are thousands of online casino games to choose from, and you can expect to see many more arrive each year. Excitingly, the internet gambling industry is quickly evolving by utilizing futuristic technologies. These include:

  • Virtual Reality Casinos. Using the latest technological developments like virtual reality goggles, players can experience walking around casino floors, playing at tables, and interacting with other players.
  • Augmented Reality Gambling. This is a step up from virtual reality technology. As well as providing a simulation of reality, augmented reality technology influences all of your senses to give a more enhanced experience. However, augmented reality casino games are still a few years away from being ready for the consumer market.
  • Blockchain Casinos. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have impacted various elements of the online gambling industry. As well as providing high security, blockchain casinos like FunFair offer fair casino games, in which every action is random.

Improved Graphics and High-definition Displays

HD Display

Chunky 8-bit graphics have been relegated to the past for some time now, and cutting-edge graphics in video games continue to evolve. With high-quality, photo-realistic imagery, modern graphics allow you to feel like you are actually inside the game. Couple that with the latest high-definition displays, and you will have a gaming experience like never before. If you thought 1080p resolution looked good, you need to check out ultra-high 4K.


Wearable technology was first popular for keep-fit applications, but many companies are now introducing games and other digital entertainment to wearables. With products like glasses and smartwatches, you can now play your favorite games on the go.


With the increase of social media tools, gamers can now share their passion for video games by playing with others across the globe. Livestreaming games are becoming more popular all the time. There are even big gaming virtual tournaments that players can take part in from anywhere in the world. As well as playing games with other gamers, you can also watch others playing games and chat about the games you are viewing. Gone are the days of video gaming being a solitary activity. It is now more social than ever before.

Gesture Control

A couple of decades ago, gesture control was a thing of science fiction. But digital evolution has developed rapidly. So today, gamers can control what is happening onscreen by using their hands. The technology uses a camera to track separate points on your hand. No longer do gamers have to play with physical controllers. Instead, the gaming experience will use the natural movements of your body to immerse yourself fully into the game.

Voice Control

If controllers are becoming outdated due to gesture control, you may find that gesture control is one day taken over by voice control. Yes, voice control technology allows you to use your voice to control your movements onscreen. As well as using voice commands to control gameplay, you can use the technology to turn your console on and off, select games from your media library, and interact on social media.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer is AI confined to sci-fi movies. It is now transforming the world of video games. Many artificial intelligence components of games are currently in development, but the most established form is an AI video game in which you take on a computer opponent. Programmers have found ways of making these digital opponents self-learn, so your gaming experience remains fresh and increases in difficulty according to your gameplay.

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