Veteran Owned Lawn Care Company in Hampton Roads Virginia

When you’re looking for the best landscaping and lawn care company in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, or even the Suffolk area, then you’ll want a company who has been around for a long time, as well as one that doesn’t just cater to the statistical needs of their clients, but go the extra mile for a great value, and treat it all with the same perfection as if they were getting a job that paid them a million dollars.

You probably think this isn’t possible, but one veteran owned lawn care company in Hampton Roads, Virginia has pulled it off, and has been continuing to do so for years.

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Why You Want to Choose Lenard’s Lawn Care

Lenard’s Lawn Care offers a top of the line service for your lawn care needs by using their team of seasoned veterans of not only the field, but also the battlefield.

They are veteran owned and operated, and they are fully licensed contractors with the right material, equipment, and safety training to the job done properly.

They use only the best ingredients and have multiple packages around that you can choose from on their website. That’s more than you can say about a lot of the landscapers out there.

Excellent Reviews

When it comes time to hire your veteran owned lawn care company, you want to make sure that they are certified as mentioned above, but offer exemplary service.

You want to ask many questions, and be sure to check out numerous websites (many are listed on sites like Angie’s List, and more), as well as their own websites.

Check reviews that other customers leave for the company.

Don’t always be fooled just by onsite ones, because why would anyone post all of their negative reviews (if there are any)?

That’s one thing that Lenard’s Lawn Care has that is unique and full of customer service. They are listed just about everywhere with 5-star reviews, which means a lot.

The List of Services

Most lawn care businesses offer numerous services, but the most common is cutting, mild landscaping, and trimming of brush, etc.

While cleanup is important, there aren’t very many landscapers or even lawn care specialists that operate on 100% cleanup by blowing stray grass off of sidewalks, edging sidewalks and can even trim hedges.

Even on the basic package the team offers blowing debris and cleaning of your yard to make it lustrous and beautiful.


With all of the contractors out there and the modern “standard” that has set which says that someone’s yard reflects how they live, it’s important that you get one that sees eye to eye with you, and is able to get the work that you need done quickly and efficiently, while having the courtesy and customer service.

When you call Lenard’s Lawn Care, you can also ask about what services they don’t provide (there really aren’t that many), so you can get the answers you need, because they company knows you want to find someone to service you and cares about every single customer and caller.

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