Verify Vaccine Passport – Effective Solution For Tackling The Pandemic Situation

Covid pandemic, as well as vaccine frauds, are disrupting global operations. To prevent covid scams, digital vaccine certificate verification is becoming a new norm.

Tony Stark’s satirical dialogue “sorry, the earth is closed today” has now become the reality because of the covid outbreak. Globally, people are bound to stay at their homes and every business’s workflows are adversely affected. Whereas businesses are struggling to come up with a solution to tackle this severe situation.

The traveling and hospitality businesses are among the most impacted industries suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

But on the other hand, the regulatory bodies have come up with the vaccine passport solution that is enabling the states to revive their cross-border activities keeping in mind the safety of the tourist.

The new trend of vaccine verification systems is getting popular among the tourism industry as it’s the only way forward to normalize the situation as it was before covid.

Coronavirus Certificate Verification – The Global Requirement 

Globally the rapid adoption to get coronavirus vaccination shots has created chaos in the medicare industry. Whereas, due to the strict traveling regulations as well as a ban in several countries on cross-border activities has also increased the need for the covid vaccine passports.

The people are not permitted to travel to their home states and most are bound to the present states without jobs as there is ambiguousness in the laws that vary from region to region.

For both reasons, to get protected from getting prone to the deadly virus and to travel freely around the globe everyone is rushing to get vaccine shots.

However, criminal activists are taking advantage of this chaotic situation. Likewise, the newspapers, as well as the digital print media, are addressing the public regarding vaccine frauds.

Cyberattackers creating forged vaccine passports and the false-negative covid test is becoming part of every day’s headlines. 

To slow down the pandemic most of the states are adopting Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification and are also charging businesses as well as the individual public entities that are moving without legitimate health data security.

Hotels, schools, colleges, gas filling stations, and universities are obliged to verify vaccine certificates before facilitating them. Additionally, due to a large number of deaths and fear of getting infected, most businesses are shifted toward digital platforms.

From this, it’s quite obvious that the conventional ways of verifying a vaccine passport are no longer applicable.

Coronavirus Certificate Verification – Detailed Process

The exceptional capabilities of AI technology have made it quite possible to develop fully automated and robust solutions for verifying digital vaccine documents. The international regulatory bodies are establishing laws and policies while dialoguing with the tourism industries.

The procedure of verifying international certificates of vaccines is quite the same as document verification. 

1. Information Extraction

The traveler is requested to upload all the necessary documents onto the digital platform. Documents acquired include ID cards, vaccine passports, coronavirus tests, reports, and driving licenses. Then with the help of ICR/OCR technology, the viable information is extracted in order to check its originality.

2. Vaccine Certificate Verification

The digital Covid pass is loaded with the key feature of AI/ML algorithms which makes it different from other solutions. There is always a QR code or MRZ code on the reports or vaccine passports through which the verification systems authenticate the genuineness of the report. Furthermore, vaccine reports undergo document checks to detect any signs of temperament or photoshop.

3. Facial Biometric Recognition 

The government issues vaccine passports and certificates that have the facial imprints of the customer. When the traveler tends to visit public places then they just have to scan their faces and the face verification system matches the facial characteristics which the image placed onto the vaccine certificates for ultimate fraud prevention. Such verification systems are loaded with enhanced features like liveness detection, anti-spoofing, etc which are all set to detect any unusual activities or attempts to bypass the system.

Final Thoughts

The world is experiencing disastrous impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s among the most deadly pandemic that has erased a major portion of the global population. Governments are struggling to establish policies and laws to revive the daily operations keeping in mind healthcare id safety measures. Thus, verifying vaccine passports is the only way of reopening cross-border activities.

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