Tumblr Dangers for Children and Teens

The social networking apps have made their way to the next level and these have got influence especially on young minds. Tumblr social media app is one of the leading microblogging platforms that we have ever come across with. Only creative people can use it effectively.

The user can get their hands on it by downloading it from the play store and can use it on the smartphone. Tumblr is no doubt a new platform for the young users, but it is owned by one of the first instant messaging apps of all time “Yahoo Inc.”. Tumblr social messaging app is very effective for adults but for young kids and teens, it is an inappropriate social platform.

The user can allow other users to follow your blog, and they can make comment, post messages on the particular domain of your blog. It means user can get over-whelming response from other tumblr users.

Inappropriate content

The very first thing you should keep in mind and no matter how much you are intelligent, you can use the Tumblr if you above the age of 17+, iTunes store app policy. No one under the age of 13 can use the platform. The social messaging app is full of adult material, but it empowers users to set the filters in order to avoid messing up with the inappropriate stuff.

Tumblr official has stated that, if someone wants to put privacies on the carnal content spread on it, then the company has full support to set the privacies to avoid the porn material.


It promotes self-harming stuff

Furthermore, the IM’s is fascinating for the young users especially tweens and teens and it is promoting self-harming content and methods. The self-harming methods are published by the users frequently that are more frightening for the young users.  This kind of stuff on Tumblr may put a teen or kid into real trouble, that’s why the company has set the rule for the young users to use it above the age of 17.

The back to back techniques about self-harming are updated daily and replace the old ones. Anyhow, the self-harming stuff such as burn and scar challenge and others are very popular on this particular platform. In these methods, young kids and teens make cuts on their arms and legs and then use ice and sold… the mixture of ice and salt on the injury bring more etching to skin and the one who bears longer would receive appreciation form the fellow Tumblr users.

The self-harming methods and content usually available in the shape of blogs created by the young and adventures minds, that teach other young ones to put their life at risk and get out of it.


What to do to protect teens and kids from Tumblr dangers? 


Obviously, parents cannot leave their children to visit online such vulnerable online social places. Parents usually get worried and want to protect their kids and teens from all the issues that can harm teens and kids on Tumble social app. all they need to do is to use the cell phone spy app that enables a user to track kids and teens all social media activities. Parents can use spy app for mobile phone and track the Tumblr social messaging app in order to guide their kids and teen what is good and what is dangerous for them.

Through parental control apps user can view all the activities happen on the Tumblr social messaging app. Because, user can view real-time activities happen on the instant messaging app to the fullest. They just need to use the spy 360 live screens sharing of the cell phone spy software. It will share the screen of your teen’s phone when Tumblr is being activated on the phone screen. The screen of the phone will broadcast live into the online control panel of the cell phone surveillance software.


Use filters on Tumblr

Parents can use filters on Tumblr content and avoid kids to visit adult content. They just need to visit the new search window and then scroll down a bit and make a click on it “locked”. It allows parents to avoid teens to make it off. Tell your kids if they really want to use don’t make the filters off, otherwise, they won’t allowed anymore to use the Tumblr instant messenger because tumblr danger for teen’s.


Tumblr Privacy settings: by default

Privacy Settings

Parents can use the Tumblr made privacy settings that set parental control on kids and teens activities of the social media platform. This will really help out parents to prevent kids and teens from online bullying, pornography and other dangerous issues lie on Tumblr. They just need to visit the settings and then hover on “Go to” account settings of Tumblr blog and then click on your teens’ blog and set the account.

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