Top USB-C Adapters You Could Purchase in 2018

USB-C is the new standard as far as the USB game is concerned. The USB-C is still gaining momentum as it is replacing the earlier generation USB hardware.


USB-C is incredibly versatile and it has a remarkable reversible port design for tackling everything right from transferring data to the video output.


It could be a wise idea to consider connecting your devices with these top USB-C adapters that are available easily in the market.


Anker USB-C Cable: The Top USB C to USB A

For a perfect solution for connecting USB-C devices to compatible USB-A devices, it is best to buy the Anker USB-C cable that really functions magically.


It is known to operate with the effective Fast Sync Technology of Anker and it supports all super-speed data transfers that go up to around 5gbps.


This is fast enough for any HD movie that could be successfully transferred in less than five seconds in the case of optimal performance.


Moreover, the convenient reversible design is great and you could plug the cable perfectly each and every time.


This cable has gone through strict quality check and tested thoroughly for longevity and has been precisely designed for outlasting competitors because of the reinforced connectors and boost in tensile strength.


Cable Matters 4-Port USB-C Power Adapter: Premium Power Adapter

Cable Matters Power Adapter is available in white as well as black and provides inputs to charge simultaneously everything right from smartphones to laptops to even digital cameras.


This port has adequate power for supporting any of the MacBook or the MacBook Pro models by Apple. It is compatible with laptops right from Razer to Lenovo.


Besides the USB-C connectivity, this would be incorporating three extra USB-A ports to deliver adequate power for the fast charging tablets and smartphones.


Overcharging and overheating are all prevented effectively by inherent intelligent measures so the devices are never at a risk.


Choetech USB-C to HDMI Adapter: Superlative HDMI Adapter

Choetech USB-C to HDMI adapter is certainly a must buy for streamers and video game lovers.


This is usually available in gray and black and is a fantastic solution for connecting HDMI devices super-quickly to a hardware that needs USB-C input.


It offers a resolution of 4K UHD at 60HZ. It is great for maintaining a .crisp and clear image that does not become hazy or get delayed or distorted while using.


This is made of top quality materials and has been crafted to last and you get an 18-month warranty.


Moreover, the Choetech USB-C has been tested effectively and approved for compatibility with devices from Google, Samsung, Apple, HP, Lenovo, and even Dell without any additional attachments or software.


AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen: Premium USB C to USB 3 Adapter

This is Amazon’s very own range of USB Type-C Hub. It is used for effectively connecting two devices.


This adapter is actually compatible with devices that are USB-C ready and includes MacBook as well as MacBook Pro lineup from Apple, Note 8 smartphone, and Samsung Galaxy S8.


This wonderful Amazon Basics adapter helps in fast data transfer speeds.


It would be supporting a connection as high as five Gbps between a USB-A hardware and USB-C. It is sleek and small and could easily be carried in your pocket or purse or your backpack of course.


It is great for charging all USB-C enabled devices.



You have an access to an amazing range of USB-C adapters today. We have provided certain details about some of the top USB-C adapters. Choose as per your unique requirements.



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