10 Best and Top Tips to Sell your House Without a Realtor

Instead of hiring a real estate agent, selling your house without a realtor is now simpler if you know the basics.

Below are 10 tips to assist you.

A detailed description of your home, which includes photos of the exterior and interior of your house is a great way to market your house to prospective buyers.

Although you can take the photos yourself, you may want to hire a professional to make the photos more attractive to buyers.

Ensure that you include all the basics like price, location, number of rooms and bathrooms and the age of the home as well as when appliances were updated.

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  • Clean your home

Organize by decluttering and cleaning your home. This will make your house more appealing. If you have to renovate it, especially areas like the kitchen and bathroom which are more vital.

  • Set a practical price

When settling on the price of your home, choose one that is realistic and based on data like square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms among others.

Use online pricing calculators that give an estimate of your home’s worth. Alternatively, you can check in your neighborhood what the price of similar homes is like.

  • Use broker services

As a home seller, rather than selling your house entirely alone, you can opt to use a full-service agent.

There are some agents that offer limited services that can help you with some aspects of selling a home where you can get a market analysis done or have an agent review a purchase contract at a small cost.

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  • Exercise patience

Sometimes it might take awhile before you get any offers after the first open house. When this happens do not give up, try revisiting your asking price, update it and ensure that your home is widely listed.

  • Organize viewings

Show your property to potential buyers. To do this you can ask for help from family or friends to show potential buyers around your home in case you aren’t around or arrange viewings for evenings or weekends. This helps you avoid paying estate agent fees and ensures the safety of your home.

  • Negotiate on the price

Deciding on the price of a home is important when getting ready for price negotiation. Settle on a cost beforehand and don’t choose a figure that’s too low just to sell.

Turn down any offer you don’t like in a friendly manner to make the buyer comfortable to approach once they decide to increase their offer.

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  • Advertise

You can list your home on websites like ForSaleByOwner.com though it will cost you a bit rather than stick a sign in your yard and hope that buyers will come across it.

There are some few real estate websites which will also list your home at no extra cost so carry out some research. Try using multiple listing services.

  • Handle renegotiations

Sometimes the price set might not be realistic and the buyer might suggest a renegotiation. If they do listen to them and determine what you can do.

  • Hire a solicitor

After getting an offer a solicitor or conveyancer is important to help you with the legal work. But, find one a professional who is licensed.

Once you can accept an offer do it verbally and then send an email or post. But, ensure that you follow the legal procedure of exchange of contracts.  Here is more information on how to sell your house.

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