How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google?

Negative Google reviews are the meditation of practicing business strategy and classification. Is it surprising, yeah?

Yes, probably you are worried about negative feedbacks to your business. Don’t be please! Because, It’s your golden opportunity to handle the active audiences. Just choose to response them attentively and write the confident reply for not only the fake reviewer but also for all the visitors to your business.

There are your competitors around the online platform, and some of the weak opponents try to make you loser! They apply negative reviews for your business and leave poor comments. Will you be beaten so easily?

Of course, You’re a successful entrepreneur, and we appreciate you for being so confident when marketing. But, the request you choose to remove negative reviews.

We have two efficient solutions for your negative reviews!

You are to get help from Promoting-team (an online revolution of the era) method.

  • Confident answer
  • Flag the reviews

Sure answer:

This one is a very great way to answer fake reviews. Sometimes, it is not your client who provide fake reviews; instead, it is the task from the opponents. So, You have a great chance to prove your efficiency through the reviewing answer. As the Internet has the big opportunity to drive your business to a higher position, write something amazing for the readers. It works like a proof of the business strategy you are having!

There are types of the reviewer in your business. It can be your client or simple audience and reviewers from competitors! Here, you should maintain some different policy comparing who they are actually. Suppose, If he’s your client ask him directly if there is any problem with services! If yes, promise them for replacement or money back guarantee and request them to remove negative reviews through their email. It will be the best part if you manage them as well as, it is known as the natural process!

If it looks like the simple online audience, you can reply to them confidently to the review section. You can ask them, “Hello dear, Are you a client of our service?” this would be great if the responds or you can easily flag the review to the Google support as a violation of GMB policy. But, if the reviewers admit providing useful reviews instead if you reply nicely to them, offer discount service to them! These processes bring bless to your Google my business section.

Wherever you see a fake reviewer, ask them for the transactional detail if they purchased anything from you. You can find them easily if they are providing counterfeit reviews through your competitors. In case, it is a better decision to ask them publicly for their transactional report and reply valuable information to them. Keep in mind; your target is to catch up more attraction from the global audience that makes you look handsome. If they fail to show the report, you can prove them as wrong and gain more credibility from the audiences. In case, negative reviews don’t harm you so much; instead, it makes your strong global exposure. Even if you find something messy, report the review!

Hopefully, You are clear on that matter how necessary it is to make real achievement through Google reviews. You should not go frustrated because negative reviews make blessings if you’re a good marketer. But, be careful about the messy reviews you get. Report them to remove! If you don’t know how to flag them, read us.

Flag the reviews:

Bad words are not appropriate for your business. So, never worry about removing them! For that, you need to report the fake and messy reviews to Google my business community through E-mail, call, and chat with them. Here you should maintain some process to do that:

  • Log into your GMB profile
  • Find Review section to manage
  • Select the review you want to report
  • You can see a sign at the right corner of the review box with “3 dots” shows “Flag as ”
  • A pop-up shows you to report review and you press “”
  • Now select a reason why to report this review and go on!

Through the process, you can let Google do the rest of work to remove this review. Of course, it gets deleted because bad words are always spamming to a popular business. So, no worry about being safe! You are always protected with Google terms and regulations!

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