What is an .Edu Email Address? [Informative Guide of the Year]

Do you know what an .edu email address is?

As soon as you enroll yourself in any college or university, you get a customized .edu email address from the university for all the official mails.

Yes, the university issues an .edu email account to the student instead of giving a regular email account.

If you are a student of any US university, then there are high probabilities of you getting an email account which will be ending in .edu suffix, for example, or

Also, many universities have their customized email suffix like or

The university gives this email address to the student so that the student can receive all the official emails from college administration, professors, dean, etc.

why .edu email address is given to student

But Why Does a Student Gets .Edu Email?

Well, this information is surely going to amaze you.

There are many benefits of .edu email address which a student can claim just by using his/her edu email account.

All the benefits are described in an informative manner in our other article: .Edu email benefits.

Check it out today and if you have this type of email address then avail all the advantages and benefits for free.


  • How can I get an .edu email address?

If you are a student of any university or college like MIT or CMU, then ask your college authorities for your .edu email account, and they will be providing you the details of it.

  • Can only a student get an .edu email account?

NO!!! Not only students but even the workers of a university or college are given their edu email accounts.

  • Is there any way to get an .edu email address for free?

YES!!! There are many ways to get an edu email account for free.

Check out our latest guide on Best Ways to Create Free .Edu Email Address.

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