8 YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners

Over the years, people have started using YouTube regularly. This social media platform is the second most used with 1.8 billion users. Three former PayPal employees developed this website in the year 2005. The following year Google purchased the site for $1.65 billion. On a regular basis, people spend about 40 minutes every day on YouTube.

Audiences spend 1 billion watch hours each day. The first thing that users notice when watching a video is the intro. It is essential to make an intro that is creative and catchy.

Having an impressive intro will capture the audience’s attention and also stop them from clicking out of the video.

We are aware that editing software is on the pricey side of the spectrum. So, finding editing software that is free of cost is a great way to start. Visit InVideo to begin editing your video.

It is a free intro maker software that offers users with various editing tools. It also comes with a vast collection of templates that one can customize to fit the theme of their channel. One has to visit the website and follow a few simple steps to edit the intro. Some features offered by the website are adding slides, changing background, adding audio files, stickers, animation, and many more.

Make sure to preview the final video to see if it is according to your liking and then download it to your device.

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Video Idea for Beginners:

When content creators first start to use YouTube, they are often confused regarding the subject of their content. Every YouTube channel has a particular theme, such as art, music, educational talk, vlogs, etc. One needs first to identify which topic of choosing and building the channel surrounding it. In this article, we will discuss some of the video ideas that beginners can use to make their first YouTube video. Visit Intro Maker, the easiest way to make a Youtube intro without downloading any software.

1. An Intro Video For New Viewers:

Many people will stumble upon your channel on a regular basis. They might not be aware of who you are and what your channel is about. Create an intro or trailer for your channel that will help people understand you and your content. This is an effective way to provide information to your new viewers and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

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2. Personal Background:

This is a great video idea for your channel. Share your personal journey, struggles, success, and other stories with your subscribers. Your subscribers will have various questions to ask. Try to organize a Q&A and answer those questions. This will give clarity about your personality and background to your viewers. People are more likely to subscribe to your channel when they get a clear idea about you and your channel. Users feel a connection to the content creator when they know intimate details about your life.

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3. Review Various Products:

Users love to watch reviews before opting for any product or services. Content creators can shoot specific videos where they compare different items of the same features or same price range. This can be clothing, footwear, gadgets, furniture, services, and many more. Audiences will be intrigued to come back to your channel and watch the reviews before purchasing, and it will also help you gain a large number of viewers and subscribers.

4. Cooking Videos:

We know people are always searching for recipes on YouTube. If you are good at cooking or creating new dishes, then start recording it. Creating YouTube videos will attract a wide range of viewers from all over the globe. Try to create videos with clear instructions and show the cooking process in detail. People who have food-related businesses can use this platform for marketing their items.

5. Show Your Product Collection:

Many of us love to watch hauls on various items. Whether it is grocery, shoes, bags, clothes, or cars, watching the video can be entertaining. Create a video to showcase your full collection of products. This has the potential to attract a new subscriber. If you have a business, then these videos are helpful to get the attention of potential new customers. Viewers will get an overview of all the items offered by you and then decide which is the best buy for them.

6. Customer Reviews:

Before opting for a local brand, we often read the customer reviews to get an idea about the brand. According to a study, 85% of consumers turn to online customer reviews before purchasing an item or service. Try to edit a video containing short clips of your customers, giving their honest evaluation of the products. This will help your new potential customers to build trust and opt for your brand. It is also helpful to attract other brands to sign collaboration with your brand.

7. YouTube Collaboration:

What is better than watching favorite YouTube artists collaborate together? YouTube collaboration is when two or more YouTubers shoot a video or a series of videos together for their channels. If a new YouTubers can work with someone who has a vast subscriber can be beneficial. You get to showcase your talent, products, and services to a large number of audiences, and the other also benefit from gaining new audiences. YouTube collaboration can be of various types such as shout-outs, create tutorials together, and swap style with each other and many more.

8. Get Idea From Your Audience:

Your audiences will have a variety of ideas for a video. It is essential to ask your viewers what type of videos they would like to watch. At the end of your videos, ask your audiences to comment below new video ideas. When you choose a video idea suggested by your audience, this will create a strong bond between you and your audience. They will be more eager to watch your videos and interact with you.

Make sure that you post regularly. New content creators should follow a timetable to upload their videos weekly. Also, use the keywords as it will help your videos appear on the search list.

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