5 Time & Money Saving Tips if Travelling to USA for First Time

You are here because you are travelling to USA for the very first time in your life and now you are worried things like luggage, visa, budget, how to explore USA without much trouble, etc.

Dont worry as here in this article we will be giving you some of the best life, money and time saving tips you can ever get if you are travelling to USA for first time.

United States of America (USA), a place which every individual in the world wants to travel once in their entire life.


As soon as you hear the name USA, the very first thing which comes in your mind is the famous Statue of Liberty, Walt Disney World, etc.

USA is famous for many more things which no other country is famous for and that is why people wants to visit those places as it is like a dream come true.

You can experience many life changing events like from exploring The Grand Canyon in Arizona to The National Mall in Washington DC, from visiting Mount Rushmore to visiting Battle of Gettysburg. There are many more places in the list.


Before that you should know few important things and tips if you are travelling to USA for first time.

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Information You Need To Know If Travelling to USA for First Time:

  • Visa, Passport and Currency:

Make sure to keep your Visa, Passport and Currency safe with you because if you are losing any of the mentioned thing then trust me it going to be a very rough trip for you. Although Currency can be managed easily and Visa can be printed online again from PC but getting a passport back is a really time taking task and if you are travelling to USA then you need to have your passport with you where ever you go.

Btw, if you have yet not applied for your visa then dont panic as here is the best way to do so. Just click on the ESTA application link and you will be redirected to online USA ESTA visa application form page. Follow the steps and fill up the form to process your visa application online.

  • Avoid Last Minute Packing and Travelling:

Make sure to pack all your luggage and stuff which you are planning to take with you atleast 4-5 hours before you plan to leave the house for flight. This is to make sure that you dont panic at last moments and do not forget any important stuff before leaving.

Also, try to reach the airport before time to make sure that all the proceedings are done without much hassle.

  • How to Travel in U.S:

Once you have reached the U.S the real task begins. You now will have to find the best possible mode of transportation as transportation is one of those thing which will surely consume a lot of your time in U.S.

Transportation in U.S depends on where are want to travel. If you want to travel to a near-by place or take a trip around the city then rental cars is the best option else you can take trains or electric buses too.

So here are the few mode of transportation you can consider:

  1. Trains
  2. Rental Car
  3. Cabs
  4. Metro
  5. Bus

Also, if you want to travel in US in luxury cars then you can even hire a limo service to El Paso.

  • Always Check Your Bills:

The final price you see can change sometimes and it will depend on which state you are travelling to as some of the states in U.S apply local sales tax and some not. So always check the final price on your bill before paying.

  • Don’t Use your Mobile Internet Data:

This is the most common mistake done by people who are travelling abroad for the first time. They forget to turn off their mobile data. So if you are travelling to USA then make sure to turn off your mobile phone internet data in order to avoid other extra charges.

Most of the places in USA are covered with free WiFI facility. So you will be getting free WiFi everywhere in U.S for almost 99% of the time and for rest 1% I am sure you can wait.

So avoid buying a data pack card for your internation travel as most countries has free WiFi facility.

These are some common mistakes which people do as they are travelling to USA for first time.

So try to keep these tips and information in your mind and this will be surely helping you out there in U.S

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