Where to start your Online Business?


You hear or read about all these masses of people who are making a fortune on the Internet.


Did you know that ninety five percent who try fail?  Do you know why?


After reading this article I sincerely hope you will be enlightened and be ready to make your choice of pursuits.  Let us start with the basics.



What do you know about the Internet that will assist you in making money? Are you a web site designer?  Do you know autoresponders?


Do you have a web site?  How about Click bank, AdWords, Yahoo, Google or so many other accounts?  HTML and SEQ are also good things to know, but they only give you an edge over a few others if you do not know how to use them properly.


Knowledge 2:

  • Do you have a passion about something that can be marketed on the Internet? Perhaps you can write articles about your favorite hobby.  Or maybe you could write E-Books and sell them.  Maybe you have a special skill that others would pay you for using it for them.


  • If you have none of these, let me suggest you identify a special interest, maybe dogs for instance. Did you know that if you diligently study almost any given subject for six months you are considered an expert on that subject?

    There are techniques that can give you the appearance of being an expert but not really being one.  When you look for your System to make money on the Internet, keep that tidbit of information handy.  You want and need that type of assistance.



  • Always back to the basic ingredient, huh? Let us face it, it really does take money to make money, but many of these so call gurus hype their package so that for $49.95 you can make money immediately.  You fall for it and it really starts costing you money.

    You will, I hope, know how to avoid such traps after reading this.  If you have thousands, there are packages and training sessions by very successful marketers and they will guarantee you success.  It will take money, time, effort, money, training by a mentor, and of course it will take money.


  • If you have the money, these guys will give you a turnkey web site that is making MONEY. Let me ask you something, suppose you have the money to purchase success as above and you do it, what happens to you if the market changes directions and you no longer will be making money?

    My point here is, if what you purchase does not teach you the basics so you could start over on your own, do not buy it.  There is an old proverb claimed by the Chinese that Money will buy a book, but it cannot buy knowledge.

    It takes time and effort to acquire knowledge, so when you buy, buy a package that will teach you the basics.


Money 2:

  • Most of us wanting an Internet business either want a replacement for our boring job, a new and better lifestyle, some extra spending money or we want it all: lifestyle, no job, more than just extra spending money, time without family, vacations when we want them, and to sleep until we are through.

    This is the route I suggest.  First accept the fact you will need to spend some money.  BUT, you do not need to pay for a web site, you do not need to have a product of your own, and you do not need the long mailing list.  What you really need is a teacher who will teach you the basics.


  • So hold on to your dollars but budget for about two hundred. (Please do not spend money you do not have. That also covers plastic, just do not do it.)   That is not a lot of money to start a business so let me break it down for you.

    Package: $100.00 will more than buy at least two excellent packages I know of and personally own, neither costing the hundred dollars.



You need an account with Clink bank, free, one with Yahoo, free, one with Ezine-Articles, free, one with Google, free and several accounts with CPA (cost per action) groups so you can pick products to market.  Your new package should teach how to do that.


Most are FREE.  You will need an account with an organization who registers domain names.  Usually there is no cost but the domain names that you purchase will.  Maybe $1.50 to $10.00 per.  The amount of money mentioned to this point is still under the $200.00 budget but do not go spending it.


Make money instead.  You may need a PayPal account but that too does not cost anything.  I will stop here and let the package you choose tell you what you need in this area.



  • You will need time each day to manage your business. At first it will most likely take far more than these vendors claim.  You have to learn what they do with their eyes closed.  As time goes by, and your skills grow, the time will be less,I assure you.

    BUT, at first you have more time than money, so doing things without all the bells and whistles will cost you time, not money.  In the process, you will really be learning the basics, which is what you want.  Here is an item you must insist upon in your selection of a package: training videos.


  • They take time to watch but their effect on the learning curve are tremendous, PLUS when you miss a point, you can go back and repeat. This is the cheap version of a mentor.  PDF files are good, E-books are good if the provider is good and complete.

    Be very careful in selecting someone who leaves holes in their presentation.  It is like they assume you already know that and it is just what you do need to know but do not.

    You want someone who is available to you for questions.  No one person knows it all, nor can all be great teachers, so if you can speak to them, perhaps you both can gain the required knowledge.



  • You must determine now to devote the time wisdom and doing the system you purchase. EVERYBODY has a better system/package, you should know that by now.

    So do not go around chasing rabbits.  Stick to your purchase, test it out against what was said and what your desire it to be.  If it fails, ask for your money back, do this within the guarantee period.

    Start your search over again, you have learned something from this experience that will help during the next or the next experience.  With ambition, in this arena of online marketing, you also have a financial goal.


  • In spite of the hype, do not expect the enormous dollars just to flow your way. All these guys know short cuts to making money, but they normally do not share that knowledge.  You do want to be able to duplicate them, but they did not make their first million over night either.

    Gear your mind set to accept checks in two digit values, then three and four until they begin to really impress you.  Do a campaign one way, give it time, and if it does not work quite like it should learn to tweak it, try again.



  • Listen to their spiel, listen for key statements like tutorials, training, free assistance, guaranteed or money back, continuous upgrading, their familiarity, read their testimonies and such. If you decide to try one, be sure you understand the guarantee.

    You need to have time to learn so 60 days may be a good period to exercise the guarantee and get your money back.  Do not get bogged down with all the freebies they shower you with, that can wait until after you evaluate the new package.  DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE HYPE, make them prove their claim.


  • Are the initial dollars less than your budgeted $100.00? When you receive your package do they tell you, you will need an additional package to make the first work?  If so, send it back, get your money back soonest.  Stick with your original plan as close as possible.

    Learn all you can from each package, but do not be a slave to it if it does not work or appear to work within the time frame you have to work with it.

    Most of these individuals selling packages are honest hard working types, few truly intentionally mean to mislead you. However, they are so close to the project they may not realize you are new and do not know what they know.


  • Making Money on the Internet, sounds good, and it can be the beginning title of your success book. Remember to take one step in a given direction, not one step in that direction, one in this direction.  Few people are conditioned to do multi-packaging at the same time.  Learn the basics, then the Internet will be your oyster.


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