What Makes Social Media an Integral Part of Marketing?

Social media is no doubt the future of communication and a wide range of internet-based tools as well as platforms increase and enhance the information sharing facility. This latest media form helps in the transfer of photos, video, audio, and text much easier.

What Makes Social Media an Integral Part of Marketing?

The Answer Will Change Your Perception of Social Platforms!

Social media is not only common among the everyday internet users, but also for business purposes. In fact, today it has become one of the most integral parts of life. Social media can be termed as an online channel for communication which is dedicated to community-based content-sharing, input, and collaboration.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn have created online communities where people can share as much or as less personal information as they desire with other members. The result is an enormous amount of information that can be shared, searched, promoted, disputed and created.

Social Media is more than just Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Everywhere you look, the fundamentals of social media can be found everywhere you look. For example, if you are a budding musician, you would have a presence on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and others. The more you buy soundcloud plays, the higher will be your performance. Not only will you be able to improve your following and branding, but also increase your revenue generation from the platforms.

Endless range of applications

Applications which have been created around these social media platforms, tools and websites are available in endless numbers. They have numerous facilities as well. Regardless, of the niche, all of them ensure easy online sharing. Again, social media offers numerous social communities where members can gather circulating a specific topic.

Curses of social media

Apart from all the boons that we have got from social media, there are few curses as well. Although, social media helps you to connect with people from different part of the world. It also reduces face to face interaction or communication between people; people lack emotional connection causes distraction, laziness but beside all these disadvantages one of the main disadvantages of social media is it gives license to the debt collectors to harass debtors on social media.

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How do debt collectors work?

Debt collectors use social media especially Facebook to contact or harass debtors. They try to gather information via a third party about the debtors, or they become friends directly with the individuals who owe the debt. Debt collectors have also resorted to demanding messages about the debtors to all his or her friends in a humiliating way and forcing them to pay before those messages are taken down or are changed.

To protect the debtors from debt collectors fair debt collection practices act has been enforced to prohibit debt collectors from using abusive and unfair practices. With the introduction of such act, almost 30% of debtors harassment has been reported to be reduced in the year between 2016-2017, and we hope the percentage gets increased in 2018 debt reviews.


Everything comes with pros and cons so we have to make sure that we use social media from its positive aspect and we should concentrate in utilizing an unlimited amount of information available from social media sites for business advertising, social good and who knows what else. One thing is certain as personal data can be accessed from social media so we should restrict ourselves from providing too much of personal information, photos, and videos on those platforms. We should use those platforms judiciously.

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Isabella Rossellini is known for providing informative articles related to social media. Here, she has explained how social media serves as the boon for the present generation as well as given an insight into the 2018 debt reviews.

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