Should You Choose PVC for a New Flat Roof? [Pros and Cons]

As a homeowner, everyone wants to have the perfect look. One that is not only functional but is also good to look at. The most common option is usually the flat roofs because they are affordable. You could never go wrong with them! But there’s a lot of variety with them. You should be aware of each type in through details. This will help you make a better decision on what kind of roof you should have.

Doing your own research on this is just as important as hiring someone to do it. An expert can give you their opinion but they won’t know what suits best for you if you don’t have any preferences. That is why you should learn about the most popular roof before you even hire the Flat Roofing Contractors.

Why are Flat Roofs So Popular?

No matter what the type, these flat roofs are really popular. One of the main reasons for that is that they are quite economical and affordable. Moreover, they can also give you ample amount of space if you are thinking of adding anything on the roof. Some people want to have solar panels or add in extra gardens there. Having a slant roof would make these things impossible.

The PVC Membrane

It is built from a filament lattice that is continuous. Then it is covered with a UV resistant PVC thermoplastic. This is quite a modern option.

Here are the benefits:

  • Non-Flammable


This roofing material is resistant to fires and flames. The material by which it is made from makes it harder for it to catch a flame. Since they are harder to burn, there is no combustion. Your roof won’t burn down easily and no harmful toxins would be released.

  • Flexibility

This roof would be very flexible. That means you can easily customize it to get the aesthetic you want for your house. Moreover, this customization even allows you to lower the amount of waste and rubble that is created during the installation of the roof.

  • Light-weight

These are a preferred option by many because it is such light-weight roofing material. They will not burden your existing ceiling with unnecessary weight. You could even put a new PVC roof on top of an existing one. You wouldn’t have to tear the old roof off which means no unnecessary waste would be added into the landfill.

  • Low Chances of Leakage

The PVC membranes have a special quality about them. They are heat-weldable. This gives the ability to have highly strong and dependable seams. As a result, there is little to no leakage found in the PVC roofing systems. In the long run, this is a great option because no dampness, moisture or mildew would be present in the house’s roof.

  • Highly Reflective

Highly Reflective

If you want your house or residential building to be much cooler, then you should get a PVC roof. The PVC roofs are incredibly reflective. This reflective ability allows them to make your houses much cooler compared to types of roofing systems.

  • Resistant to Chemicals

Along with flames, the PVC roofs are resistant to different harmful chemicals as well. The roof is often exposed to different types of chemicals year round. With PVC, you would not have to worry about your roof breaking down or getting damaged.

  • Long Lasting

The materials are strong enough that they could last you for a long time. For instance, if a building is around for let’s say a hundred years, then it only needs to get the PVC roof replaced 3-4 times. If it is not a PVC roof, then it has to be replaced 8-10 times almost!

  • Recyclable

Along with there being no waste, PVC roofing systems are quite recyclable. You can easily recycle and reuse the PVC membranes in the roof.

Of course, the PVC membranes are not the only choice you have. There is the built-up roof, modified bitumen, rubber membrane and TPO.

Let’s take a look at each one.

  • Built-up roof (BUR)

Built-up roof

This is one of the cheapest options you can get if you are considering a flat roof. But this has a lot of drawbacks that you should know about. For starters, they are very heavy. This can add a lot of weight and stress to the foundation of your house. Moreover, they are not fit for all kinds of houses because the material they are built with doesn’t easily complement all kinds of properties. It is hard to install so make sure you are hiring professional Flat Roof Installation Services in Seattle WA to get the job done.

  • Modified Bitumen

This type uses just one single layer. The layer is made of an adhesive roofing material. These things make it easier for you to install a roof yourself, if you are interested in doing that. Plus, another good thing about this type if that it can reflect the sun’s infrared energy at times. As a result, this would make the property less hot and reduce your AC costs ultimately. The only major problem with this is that the torch-down system of modified bitumen is not fire-resistant. It also breaks down much faster due to wear and tear compared to other types of roofs.

  • Rubber Membrane

The rubber membrane type was really popular because it was easy to fix any leaks or cracks in it. The repair costs were usually quite affordable. Moreover, they are also lightweight and won’t burden your house’s foundation. These materials are also recyclable, just like the PVC membranes. It also looks beautiful with its black color. Though, the black colors usually make it absorb more heat and make your house warmer in summers.

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