Running Android TV Box with 4K Projector (Updated Guide)

What Is an Android TV Box?

Android has become the most popular mobile operating system on the planet. Google has created a way to bring this mobile giant into your living room via the Android TV Box.


Simply put, the Android TV Box is an online streaming media player that runs on the Android operating system.


This means you can use almost any Android-powered app right on your 4K projector, and unlike other streaming media devices like Roku, you have the freedom to customize and build your own streaming world through a system that is as familiar as your phone or tablet.


Let’s Set Up Your New Android TV Box

Now that you know you need one and have already run out to grab it, you’re ready to hook your new toy up to your projector.


Luckily, this step is as easy as one, two, three different cables. The first cable will be your HDMI cable.


The best Android TV Boxes come with an HDMI cable, but they can also be found at many local stores. The second cable is your ethernet (internet) cable.


Now, it is possible to go wireless here, but 4K technology takes up a lot of bandwidth and having a wired connection via ethernet gives you a faster internet connection to enjoy everything your 4K projector has to offer.


Finally, the last cable you will need to worry about is the power cable.


Now that you’ve got your Android TV Box hooked up and power on, you are ready to proceed with the setup process.


Before you can begin enjoying everything Android TV Box has to offer, you have to connect to the internet. If you’ve ever connected to your home internet network, then you have already done this step before.


Using Your New Android TV Box

Once you’re connected to the internet, you are now ready to begin having some fun.


First, sign in to your Google account and perform any updates that may need to be done on your new Android TV Box device.


Once you’re signed in and updated, you can begin browsing the vast Google Play library.


Operating your Android TV Box is very similar to using your phone or tablet. The main difference is that you won’t be touching your 4K projector screen.


Instead, you will be using the remote that came with your device or some other remote app to move around the screen.


Exactly what your screen looks like will depend on the type of Android TV Box you’ve picked up, but often times, it will mimic something familiar to help ease you into its use.


The world of 4K projectors is growing every day, and this latest batch of top-quality projectors is packed with top of the line features and quality.


To truly appreciate any home theater projector, you should always look for one that suits your needs. Things like HDMI 2.0 and 3D capabilities have become more commonplace, but not all devices include these features.


Use this guide as a way to make your way through the sometimes confusing world of 4K projectors and home theater entertainment to come out better on the other side.

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