Define Reasonable Suspicion Training & What Are Its Benefits

Reasonable suspicion course covers the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace. Besides this, other important aspects of the Reasonable Suspicion Training process include policy issues related to testing programs, common questions on recreational marijuana and medical marijuana use.

DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training or course has the specialty of providing influential alcohol and drug awareness education to employees. To create a drug-free workplace for the leading, repetitive, small, and big organizations is the main aim.

This effective suspicion course compliance includes all training programs in drug and alcohol awareness which are available in PowerPoint, Web Video, DVDs, Self-play CD, Laptop format, Web courses you will own, totally safe with no self-executing files.

Any of the customers get these formats with sound/non-sound and in a well-narrated manner.

FYI, through these alcohol and drug training programs, the real purpose of educating and engaging along with clearing all the myths, and misconceptions of addiction is still in progress and appreciable.

However, eradication of the false models of addiction is highly achieved by the team of Work excel. So, in short, this program is comprehensive, educational, contains test questions, and provides a completion certificate as well.

Alcohol and drug addiction among the employees not only affects their overall health but also degrade the reputation of the organization by low productivity, workplace violence, conflicts, etc.

What Does The DOT’s Requirement Program Include?

It takes two hours to meet the DOT’s requirement for the drug and alcohol education and awareness training(60 minutes drug education and 60 minutes of alcohol education and awareness training for DOT supervisors.)  This program is accomplished with any combination of education/media/content along with audiovisual mix, eight handouts with impressive original content, and 35 test questions and answers to educate supervisors. There are two voices for narration to keep learners engaged till the end of this program.

Why To Prefer The DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training ?

There are many positive reasons behind this. Have a look below:

  • Certificate of Completion is provided to the trainers/learners of DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training.
  • A number of supervisors can be trained together through this program i.e no restriction on an unlimited number of supervisors.
  • As per the needs, you can easily modify the course.
  • Available in Multiple formats: PowerPoint, Web Video, DVD, Web Course you own.
  • It has 8 handouts that are fully editable, and reproducible.
  • Gives options to format all media programs with your personalized company logo.
  • It provides test questions and separates educational answer sheets as well.

What Are The Important Concepts Covered By This Program/Training?

  • Personal problems as symptoms
  • Alcoholism/Addictive disease and related definitions
  • How supervisors can intervene/Common supervisor myths
  • Dollars and “sense” of intervention
  • Major drug categories, impacts, and types
  • Myths, misconceptions dispelled related to alcohol
  • Impacts of alcoholism at the workplace
  • Workplace occurrence rates
  • Understanding tolerance to drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of Reasonable Suspicion Training Program

A powerful and thought-provoking program to provide alcohol education content, and an awareness using the extensive notes of PowerPoint format. Its complete image-by-image slides/ notes give the trainer sufficient material for the future also.

  • Hence, by considering this training program in your organization, you can reduce the risks and boost the overall performance easily.
  • Chances of delays and mistakes are reduced in the workplace.
  • Create awareness on safety and security of the employees and public as well.
  • Protection from drug abuse.
  • Reduces absenteeism, the chance of vandalism, theft, misdemeanor, and other unacceptable behavior
  • Increases the efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

How Does The Team of Work Excel Work on Reasonable Suspicion Training Programs?

To make the suspicion training program best for the customers, the entire team covers up this complex area strategically. With proper design, it brings the right solutions and resources to manage the workplaces completely.

How Is It Conducted?

It is conducted in-person or via online formats such as videos, presentations, and handouts. On purchasing it online, all the available courses start immediately. You will get interactive videos, knowledge checks, downloadable materials, engaging content, and completion certificates at the end of the course. In-person training is also available at our training locations or at your location upon request.

How To Get The Reasonable Suspicion Course?

To get the reasonable suspicion course online is easy through Workexcel. All you have to do is select the right course as per your needs and then click “Add to cart” at the top in workexcel. Once you have registered you will get login credentials by email and can start it. On purchasing more than one course, you get a manager role to further send invitations to your supervisors.

However, for an in-person quote, you can contact the team of training providers with the location you would like to conduct the training with complete information of the number of students you would need to get trained, and which courses you would like to have for them.

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