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Often we do not realize the importance of something until it’s gone. Similar is the story of a hot water heater. Most of us forget the necessity of hot water heater, until one day it being to malfunction and all we are left with is cold showers. Those cold showers can be rough after a tough day. We look for different ways to keep the warmth going. Handling the hot water heater carelessly mostly leads to this situation. To take a better care of the hot water heater and to maintain it, we have a few tips here that will help extend its life.


Plumbing Maintenance

Check the Temperature Regularly and Lower the Level

Let it be a part of your routine. North London plumbers suggest that you keep taking a look at your hot water heater’s temperature gauge. The range of temperature should be between 115 and 120 degrees. Slightly lower the temperature. This will prevent the device from over-heating, and will also be a keep your monthly bills low. Doing some will not only keep this device from overheating but will save you money on your monthly utility bills.


Test the Pressure Relief Valve

This is the simplest way of knowing whether your water heater needs a replacement or not. Find the pressure relief valve and lift it midway. If the heater is working normally then it should automatically snap back to its original spot. Also, there would be a kind of noise that would be heard when water will go down the drain tube. In case the valve works differently, it is an indication that a replacement is required.


Flush System

When the hot water heater runs, small deposits begin to form at the bottom of the tank. After a certain period of time, it allows rusting and corrosion to take place. A total flush might not be possible because it requires the system to be turned off completely and a full water tank.

To do a partial flush, place a container under the drain valve and turn the valve counterclockwise (the drain valve is positioned at the bottom of the hot water tank). The heater will continue to release water into the container. The volume of water would not be more than a few gallons.


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If you have a hot water heater that runs on electricity, make sure that the power is turned off, and if your heater works on gas, then turn the gas off and check if the pilot light is off as well. In case you forget to do that, it can lead to serious damage. Call a plumber if any of the connections are damaged.

These are a few basic steps that you can follow to ensure a good and optimal run of your heater. Such basic plumbing related guides can help you save a lot of money. You can easily troubleshoot issues which are not very complicated. However, if you are not familiar with plumbing at all then go for professional plumbing services.


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