Prisa – Spanish Media Giant Struggles to Plan $3.9 Billion in Debt

Another trending news in the world is coming for a Spanish Media Giant – “PRISA”

A month after Spanish media giant Prisa  said it was hoping to achieve a deal with the majority of its leasers to rebuild $3.9 billion (3 billion euros) in debt, reports propose that it keeps on attempting to achieve an agreement and is taking a gander at its options.


As indicated by Latest news updates, sources near the transactions said Prisa is attempting to figure out how to rebuild the debt without having consistent agreement from all loan bosses. In June, Prisa said it had achieved an agreement with banks holding 72.9 percent of its debt. It likewise secured another loan worth $104 million.


Per a 2011 change to Spanish bankruptcy law, if Prisa can concur with lenders holding no less than 75 percent of the debt, it can constrain dissidents to acknowledge a deal. Bloomberg said that the loan bosses still not on board hail from Britain, Germany and Portugal.

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The news took after a report by the Wall Street Journal toward the end of last week that Prisa, whose stock exchanges on the New York and Madrid stock trades, was thinking about petitioning for Chapter 11 bankruptcy insurance in the U.S.

The organization has been buried in debt for quite a long while because of a decrease in publicizing income and the proceeding with retreat in Spain.


The royal gems of Prisa’s media realm incorporate newspaper El Pais and Digital+, Spain’s biggest pay TV arrange.


Prisa’s stock value fell around 10 percent on Friday in Spain after the Journal report. The organization did not remark on the report.

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Prisa runs an immense media domain all through 22 nations that spreads radio, newspapers, TV and other distributing resources. The previous summer, it propelled the Spanish adaptation of the Huffington Post.


Be that as it may, the organization has lost cash for as far back as three years. Offering Digital+ was the organization’s intend to fight off its loan bosses, however it presently can’t seem to discover a purchaser.

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