Points to Check a Reliable Playground Equipment Supplier

Australians understand the role playgrounds have in developing coordination, cognition, social, and imagination skills among children. The local governments incur maintenance costs of over $38 million per year.

Parents, too, want their children swinging from monkey bars or jumping on a trampoline rather than be at home watching or playing video games. Outdoor playground equipment is not necessarily for parks only.

You can bring the park home by getting the equipment in your backyard. This not only ensures your child’s safety but gives them access to the playground any time of the day. Read on before you make a purchase.

Ensure That the Supplier Follows Relevant Standards

There are several playground equipment standards published by Standards Australia. These rules ensure that early childhood play is enjoyable and safe and helps in the development of various skills.

AS 4685 was released in 2004 and pertained to Playground Equipment. AS/NZS 4422deals with playground surfacing and was published in 1996.

Follows Quality Protocol

The design for kids play equipment requires a lot of thought. The quality of materials used, the aesthetics, rounded contours, and bright colors should be of the highest quality. Ensuring that it has no small parts to prevent choking hazards should also be kept in mind.

Offers Number of Variants

There is a wide range of outdoor playground equipment out there. Therefore, make sure that the supplier offers a wide choice. Some of the most common equipment includes monkey bars, climbing frames, swings, rock walls, ladders, various slides, and playhouses. The layout and design take on different shapes and sizes. So, the options are limitless.


Since this equipment is used outdoors, it will be exposed to the elements. So, there must be no weather damage to them. Using high-quality materials can make these items durable and weather-resistant. Even the smallest damage can cause severe injury and put your kids in harm’s way.


Shop only from suppliers who give you a warranty on the equipment. You are investing a lot in playground equipment and need it to endure at least until your kids grow up. Therefore, just quality claims are not enough. Go with a supplier who offers a warranty for the items. The warranty period usually starts at eight years and varies from supplier to supplier.

Easy to Assemble

If you cannot assemble the playhouse, then you are not your kid’s hero. So, ensure that the equipment that you order is easy to assemble and comes with instruction manuals. Most companies have started offering video instructions, on their website, of how to assemble their equipment.

Online Shopping and Free Delivery

You don’t have to browse through stores and transport bulky packages. Most stores offer online shopping with free delivery. Some even go to the extent of free assembly services as well. So, you can browse through the various products from the comfort of your home and have it delivered. In case the item does not match the description, you can return it.

Parents these days are concerned about the lack of time children are spending outdoors. They know that children should be physically active, but can’t take them to the park all the time. The solution is to bring the park to your backyard. Order outdoor playground equipment and watch your kids become taller, healthier, and sharper.

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