5 Online Reputation Management Mistakes that Must be Avoided

In the 21st century, business is depending on social media platforms more than ever. Due to multiple responsibilities of business, people tend to ignore a few seemingly harmless but important details that can cost a fortune to them in the future. One such mistake by the businesses is ignoring reputation management.

With the increasing dependency on social media platforms, it is extremely important to handle your online reputation. Online reputation has a huge part to play in a business’s success. 

Based on the implementation of the reputation management strategies, the business owners can decide on how a customer might regard a business or a brand.

When a company chooses to do branding on social media and avail its benefits they need to be careful to avoid certain mistakes. 

Ignoring Proper Online Reputation Management Strategies or ORM

When you target online platforms to promote your business, it gets extremely important to have proper reputation management strategies. Avoiding Online Reputation Management or ORM is the worst mistake you can make for your online business.

Just as online reviews are extremely important for your business, this part is extremely unpredictable. You might have a bunch of positive reviews one day but that situation can easily turn in a day or two. At the same time, the absence of reviews can make your business vulnerable to the audience.

To avoid this situation, implementing concrete ORM strategies is very essential. In this way, you will be able to have a complete hold what appears on your review page even when the negative feedback appears.

A good Online Reputation Management strategy will help you to avoid the bad impacts of bad press or negative online reviews. 

Ignoring or Replying to Negative Replies Aggressively

When it comes to Online Marketing Services India, every customer is equally important. And similarly, for reviews, each review has equal importance whether positive or negative. Just like positive reviews helps you to grow your business, the way of solving issues let your customer have an idea of how reliable you are in case of some inconvenience. 

So, handling the negative review turns equally important for your business. 

Ignoring complaints from your customers might make a wrong impact on them. It will mean that you are not taking the following issue seriously that might generate an even worse reaction from the consumer. Not only that particular consumer but it might affect the visitors of your page and drive them away from your page.

So when you spot a negative review on your page, try to contact them and resolve their issue. Do not get aggressive or defend yourself during any kind of conversation with the consumer. 

Take a problem-solving attitude, try to know their concern and work on resolving the issue together. For a better response, you might have a private conversation with them and try to resolve the issue. 

Posting Fake Reviews

There are companies that try to generate fake reviews for their business growth. But this one thing is not only a great mistake but this can be very harmful.

With Google’s expert and advanced algorithm, Google can easily identify fake reviews and filter them out. So all your time and effort that you use for generating these fake reviews will eventually go to waste. 

Instead, focus and utilize that time to enhance the customer experience and build a good relationship with your customers. That will eventually help you to generate genuine positive reviews that will help in your business growth. 

A business that post fake feedback on their page, will obviously lose their credibility. So do not do this mistake ever. 

Avoiding Positive Feedback

As mentioned earlier, every feedback is important, be it negative or positive. Just like ignoring a negative review will have a negative impact on the customers, ignoring a positive review might have the same impact on them. Ignoring their reviews might give them the message that they are being ignored.

Just as, a negative reply demands proper attention, you must reply cordially to the ones who give you a positive review. Always remember that positive reviews are the most useful thing that helps you grow your business. Replying to your users will let them know that you are concern about your overall customer belt. At the same time, it also helps you to have a healthy relationship with your consumers. 

Show your gratitude to your customers for their positive response.

Not Staying Updated About your Competitors

For any business, competitors are always important. To work in a market place, it is always very important to know about your competitors and stay updated on what they are doing. 

At the same time staying updated on your competitors helps you to have a better judgment on your progress. It also lets you know where and how much improvement you need for your business.

With the limited privacy of social media, you can easily get an insight into your competitor’s work from their Social Media accounts if they have any. Following them, you will get to know about their working style and can plan your strategies according to that. At the same time, you can check the customer’s reaction to their ongoing strategies to know what they are liking and what is rejected by them.

While evaluating your competitors, you can check on their PR strategies, paid ad campaigns, email marketing, etc. Focusing on your competitor’s strategy lets you have an opportunity to learn and improve your branding strategies.


In the case of Online Marketing, business owners and agencies tend to make these mistakes frequently. Even though these mistakes may seem harmless or negligible to one, but actually doing them might cost you a fortune. 

In the virtual world of social media and websites, even the smallest mistake can be easily highlighted and magnified. So, it is always better for your focus and be careful about not making these mistakes. 

For the same reason, while branding or promoting your business through social media, you always need to play your card in a smart and effective way. This process requires planned and tactful handling. With the help of an expert Online Reputation Management team or ORM, this problem can be solved very easily and effectively.

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