Noor Mohammad Tantray(Terrorist) Killed By Indian Security Forces

Noor Mohammad Tantray, the commander of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM)group, a pakistani based terrorist organisation was shot dead by Indian security forces amid a wild gunfight in Pulwama district, found 14.2 miles (23 kms) from the Himalayan state’s summer capital of Srinagar, on Monday night.

Noor Mohammad Tantray

Who was Noor Mohammad Tantray?

Tantray, aged 47, was the chief of all the opertions carried out by the Pakistani-based group for south Kashmir, as per the Pulwama district police superintendent  “Mohammad Zahid”.

A big slap on Pakistan’s face as Noor Mohammad Tantray killed by Indian security forces.

Tantray was arrested in Delhi on charges in 2003 of conspiracy to complete terrorist attacks and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released on parole in 2015, as indicated by CNN offshoot CNN News 18.

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“Noor went underground and soon turned into the key man of JeM in planning and sorting out attacks at better places … He was needed access (to) various dread offenses in south and focal Kashmir,” police spokesman Manoj Pundita told CNN.

Indian Army in kashmir

Tantray was also accepted to have been the mastermind behind an assault on a Border Security Force camp close Srinagar air terminal that left one soldier dead in October.


At just 4 feet 3 inches (1.29m) Tantray was an instantly unmistakable figure, something that police say could have credited to his possible passing.

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“He could easily get stirred up in a group without being seen because of his shorter tallness.

However, at the same time, since his profile was extremely outstanding to the security agencies, his less than normal tallness was also a disadvantage as he was easily identifiable,” said a senior police officer who wished to stay anonymous in Tantray’s main residence of Tral.


Who are Jaish-e-Mohammad

Jaish-e-Mohammed, which in literal language means the Army of the Prophet Mohammed, is a Pakistani-based aggressor separatist association that operates on the two sides of the outskirt of the disputed state Kashmir.


The group, which has been designated a terrorist association by the US State Department since 2001, seeks to join the Indian controlled zone of Kashmir with Pakistan.

Indian Army

Alongside a series of attacks in Kashmir, the group was reprimanded for a 2001 assault on the focal parliament working in New Delhi, which left 13 individuals dead.


Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, the fear gather behind the lethal 2008 Mumbai attacks that slaughtered 164 individuals, was also reprimanded for the assault.


In July 2004, Pakistani authorities arrested a JeM part needed regarding the 2002 snatching and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

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The passing of Tantray is viewed as a noteworthy success for Indian security forces in their progressing fight with Kashmir’s numerous separatist groups.


Viciousness in Kashmir has kept on erupting all through 2017, after the passing of Burhan Wani, a youthful aggressor pioneer in 2016.


Wani, an individual from the Hizbul Mujahideen activist group, was known for using social media to connect with Kashmiri youth.

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His passing sparked another flood of unrest that guaranteed more than 90 regular citizen lives and left thousands injured. Scores were also somewhat or completely blinded by pellet guns, a controversial move received by Indian security forces to suppress protests.

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