Modern Technologies and Children : The Pros and Cons

Nowadays a modern child is almost not surprised by the new-fangled gadgets. A tablet in the hands of a baby has long replaced him toys, walks and communication with friends.


While the child concentrates his fingers across the screen, the mother has time to cook lunch, clean and relax. Is it possible to distract a baby with a tablet?


Do you know What is the danger for a child during an irregular game with a tablet?


This article will tell you everything you need about the benefits and damage to smartphones.


If gadgets are evil for adult and they use it only if necessary, then the children are happy to actively study and understand the new technologies.


Modern equipment and children

Some parents believe that modern technologies only harm their children, while others – on the contrary, they are useful and contribute to the rapid development of the child.


The truth is in the middle. Let’s talk more about the impact of gadgets on children, or rather, on their pros and cons.


The positive arguments

  • Gadgets are part of the technical progress: Computer and Internet technologies are the same part of modern life as a refrigerator, a subway, an aeroplane, and so on. Their purpose is to help work and relax with comfort. The earlier the child learns to use these benefits of civilization is better for him. So let him master new skills.


  • Fill in the pause with benefit: After the emergence of computers, tablets, smartphones, parents no longer need to break their head, what to do with a child in a queue at a hospital or during a long trip. There is no need to take a pack of toys. Now you can just turn on your kid’s favourite cartoon or game. He will not miss; he will spend time interesting and will not interfere with others.


  • Gadgets are a developing tool: Multi-coloured pyramids, cubes, paints, cars, pups and other traditional children’s attributes are not just toys but a means for the physical, social and intellectual development of children.Also gadgets,When the baby carefully clicks on the buttons, he develops fine motor skills and involuntarily memorizes some letters and numbers.When considering images on the screen and chooses a melody – trains visual and auditory perception. It is important to direct the actions of the baby in the right direction.There are many electronic games that extend the child’s horizons and help him learn different skills. The role of one of these games will fit and the simplest graphics editor.


  • Assistant in training: Electronic devices can store a whole library. The e-book helps the child to get new knowledge in the same way as the usual paper. In addition, you do not need to carry a heavy collection of books from the library and back. Just download an interesting book from the Internet. Parents can teach a child that the Internet is a source of useful information and not just a source of games.


Gadgets for a child: arguments “against”

  • Health problems: Technical progress has freed people from many physical stresses. An urgent problem of mankind was overweight, cardiovascular disease, weakness of the muscular system.


Lack of movement is especially dangerous for a growing infant organism. From prolonged sitting in one place (namely, this is threatened by gadgets), circulation of blood in the legs, internal organs, including the brain, is disturbed. It badly affects mental processes, memory, and concentration of attention.


If the child plays computer games, his muscular system becomes weak, the posture is broken (which leads to a violation of the functions of the internal organs and systems), and there are extra pounds. In addition, children’s eyes experience a huge load, early vision problems.



  • Emotional addiction: If a child spends a lot of free time on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it is formed dependent on them. Gradually other entertainments become uninteresting. And when you lose your favourite electronic device, the child begins to be nervous and cheer.


  • Source of forbidden topics: It’s no secret that there are so many things in the online space that are not intended for the children’s audience. But to address this problem, there are parental controls that allow kids to block access to dangerous content.


  • Substitute for real communication: Taking time with the gadget and virtual communication can interfere with the skills of communication, the establishment of full-fledged social ties. Instead of making real friends and communicating with them, some children are too serious about the heroes of computer games.


For useful and safe utilizing of gadgets you need to:

  • Set time limits.
  • Spend more time with the children (live communication, walks, games, etc.).
  • Create a “free zone” at home that is not allowed to use gadgets.
  • Pay more attention to useful applications.
  • Show a personal example by spending at least a computer time.


It is also important to remember that the tablet in the hands of the child is threatened not only by serious deviations in development and diseases but also never replaces it with mobile outdoor games. That the child grows healthy and develops well he needs active leisure, walks and communication with friends!

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