Is FaceApp Safe to Use? Should I Upload My Picture?

FaceApp, a picture filter app which recently got in trends after the Old Look filter update might not be safe to use?

Recently many users were facing issues in using faceapp as the app was down due to some reasons but we came up with a guide on how to fix faceapp down error. So if you are facing the same issue then you can refer to our guide.

In 2019, facebook came up with a “10 Year Challenge” in which users were comparing their Present photo with a photo which was clicked 10 years ago and this challenge got in trends in no time.


There was a privacy concern hidden behind that challenge.

Those images were being used by facebook to develop an algorithm for their upcoming face unlock feature for logging in your account.

Just like that, the new FaceApp is now doing the same by making #FaceAppChallenge and to be honest this is a serious safety concern as with the help of an artificial intelligent algorithm they are taking your pictures of how you will going to look when you turn old.

This issue came in lights when the app got in trend and got millions of installs in no time.

This android and iOS app uses AI to make sure how your face could look once you get older or how it was when you were young.

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Is FaceApp Safe to Use? Should I be Worried?

As per many user reviews, security concerns are being raised on social media sites stating FaceApp can see and upload all the photos of iPhone users and can also personal financial and other information.

Remember as we have said earlier in our articles also that whatever photo you select to apply filter on is first sent to a cloud network and then the required filter is applied on it.

Now the biggest concern is that we all know that hackers have hacked cloud networks a lot in past and have leaked the images and videos of many celebs online. So our photos can be hacked too. Also, FaceApp has never mentioned nor written in its policies about the image being sent to a cloud network which in turn is a security concern.

It is clearly mentioned in FaceApp’s Privacy Policy that they are using the personal data of user from the app in order to serve high quality targetted ads to the users. It is mentioned by faceapp that they are not selling the data to any other third party but has many clauses in the policy saying that they can share the data to third party but after removing information with the help of which the individual can be identified.

FaceApp in News:

Faceapp is a Russian based app build by Wireless Lab.

Wireless Lab in an interview said that they can store user’s photos but “MOST” of them are deleted after a period of 48 hours.

Although users can request the app to delete their data after they are done using the app.

Many users who are still using faceapp are searching for the ways by which they can remove FaceApp watermark from the images.


FaceApp might be safe to use but it still has many security concerns in regards with the users using it.

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