How To Make Your Room Look Bigger Even With A Small Space

Have you ever wanted to make your house look bigger than it is?


Compact homes are sweet and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t design yours in a way that it seems spacious too.


In this article, we will tell you many ways of


How to make your home seem bigger using tricks of lighting, color, carpeting, furniture arrangement and more.


  • Lighting

Lighting is an important element to make your rooms look larger. Use natural lighting as much as you can to make the rooms feel spacious.


It is well known that the reflection of mirrors makes the room look bigger. Place your mirror across from a window to reflect light. Leave your windows uncovered so a feeling of depth is created due to there being more light.


Roman shades or blinds are better than curtains to make rooms feel less crowded.

Window Shades

Overhead lights draw attention to a single location and pool the light in one place. Instead of these, add several lighting elements like lamps in a room to spread the light around and draw attention all around the room.



  • Art

Your room may be small but this doesn’t mean it can’t be dramatic!


Large pieces of art make a bold statement and make your room seem bigger in the process. Conversely, small pieces make a room seem smaller so you may want to avoid these. This applies to other decorative items too like vases.

Wall Art



  • Furniture

The kind of furniture you buy will have a huge impact on how big your room looks.


Get sofas and armchairs which are raised on legs as this will add to a feeling of space and light. Be bold and show those legs off! A 10-centimeter elevation is ideal.


Multipurpose furniture and furniture which can be folded will save you a lot of space. It would seem like common sense that smaller furniture sets would suit a smaller place better, right?




Furnishing your room with a few larger pieces of furniture instead of many small ones actually makes it look bigger and reduces the feeling of clutter.


Furniture with hidden storage is a big bonus and reduces clutter.

Room table

Go for glass tables and see through chairs such as lucite chairs as these fool the eyes into thinking there is more space available than in reality.


For your kitchen, having a large countertop will give the appearance of a long room.


This trick works for other rooms too and you can install a desk along the whole length of the room to make it seem longer.


Roundtables use a lesser area and don’t interrupt the flow of the room.


Lastly, there is no need to conform to the traditional norms of what kind of furniture you should place where. Mix things up!


Your living room need not have a sofa set or a television, unusual arrangement of furniture makes your home feel more open and gives it a fun personal touch.


Get a bean bag instead of a chair or an indoor swing! Go crazy.

Bean Bag

Overstuffed or clunky couches with lots of cushions have no place in a petite home. Avoid chairs with high backs as these make the room feel cluttered and obstruct the view.


  • Furniture Placement

We now know what kind of furniture you should buy, but the real secret to making your home look bigger is in their placement. You should not put your furniture up against the walls, this just makes things appear claustrophobic.


What you could do is place the pieces at an angle or surround them by an open area as this will give the illusion of a larger space to your room.


Even a few inches between your wall and furniture will give you a nice spacious look. Add a floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall shelving as it makes ceilings appear to be higher and remember to leave some space open to give things an airy feel.

Furniture Placement


  • Color

The color scheme of your house also plays a big role in making it appear bigger or smaller.


Pale shades make a room brighter and increase the size enlarging effect of natural lighting. Choose a combination of light and neutral colors for your walls and floors as these will extend the visual space of your rooms and make them feel airy.

Wall Color

Another great trick is painting your rooms’ walls, decorations and detailing in alternate shades of the same color as this will give it a sense of unity, harmony and a larger feel.


Unified colors in a room add to the illusion of largeness and so your curtains, rugs, and furniture should be the same color as your walls or another shade of the same color.


If you can’t buy new furniture, a pillow or cushion of the same shades can give a similar effect.


Anything that draws attention upwards makes a room feel taller so go ahead and paint or put wallpaper on your ceilings with a popping bright color.

Book Shelf

Colour coordinate your shelves, books, knickknacks and display pieces to give your room a streamlined and structured feel.


Lastly, use a clear shower curtain in a small bathroom.


  • Carpeting

Use rugs to divide a room into smaller spaces, this makes it seem like there are two spaces in one!


Arranging a striped carpet along the longer length of the room will make it seem elongated and like it is going on forever.


Along with these methods, Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

Getting rid of unwanted things will always increase space.


These were our methods to make a petite home seem much bigger than it is!


Hope you enjoyed reading.


Author’s Bio:

Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interiors- Best Furniture Stores In Bangalore

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