FaceApp “Something Went Wrong Error” Fix【Solution Guide】

The most trending and famous app which became famous overnight just after the world cup 2019, FaceApp is now Down and what can be more worst for its users as now FaceApp is showing “Something Went Wrong” whenever a user clicks a photo and tries for some random filters.

The filter which almost broke the internet and bought all the trends down to its knees, the Old Photo Filter in which the user can see his photo of how he/she will look like after 50 years.

This filter was rolled out with the new update of the app version v3.4.8.

But the most bad news for the app users is that the app is still now working properly and is still showing that “Something went wrong, please try again”.

Faceapp Not Working


We at HOB has some amazing news for all the FACEAPP users.

Here are some of the best ways on,

How to Fix FaceApp Something Went Wrong Error:

1. Update to Latest Version of FaceApp

To start with the most basic and obvious method is by checking for an update in the Google Play Store and if there is an update for the app then click on the update button and move to the latest version of Faceapp which is currently as v3.4.8.

For iOS users the latest version is v3.4.5.

Download Latest Version

2. Check your Internet Connection:

Also, since there are no download the filters features in this app so every time a user clicks a photo then that photo is firstly uploaded to a cloud network and then by some type of algorithm and code the photo is applicable for all the filters.

So there can be a chance of Network issue or Internet issue also. So, check your internet connection strength for this.

Also, do you know how to remove faceapp watermark from the images easily? If not then click on the link given to check and removal methods.

3. Clear FaceApp Data and Cache Files:

Many-a-times even when the issue or the bug has been resolved the app still shows that error and this is due to the old files or the cache of that app which are still there in the database and are running in the background of that app.

Therefore, Clear the FaceApp Cache and Data.

How to Clean FaceApp Cache?

  • Go to the settings option of your phone.
  • Click on the Application Manager Tab.
  • Search for FaceApp Application now.
  • Click on it to open the settings of faceApp.
  • Click on Clear Data and Clean Cache.
  • BINGO!!! It’s Done.

4. Device Compatibility:

Check if your device is compatible with the FaceApp application or not because some of the devices are not compatible for this application and therefore are facing this error also.


The above given methods are tried and tested but we are not promising that it will surely going to solve the issue or not.

The Solution remains the same for android and iOS users. [Also, iOS users can wait as mostly the bugs are fixed from the developers’ side only for iPhone users].

If your app is still showing the “Something Went Wrong Error” in your FaceApp then do drop a comment here at the end of the article and we will be helping you out in every possible way.

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