Astrology holds a deep meaning in our lives. Whether you believe it or not, accurate astrology predictions influence our lives in a huge way. Not only astrology answers questions about our present and future but it also elaborates on our characteristic traits.

The popularity of astrology, especially Vedic Astrology has increased in leaps and bounds given the accurate and life-changing predictions it provides. It can prove to be a solution to all the aspects of one’s life namely love, career, family, business and professional life among others.

The vast world of Astrology is now just a click away with so many astrological websites coming to the fore.

Some websites are solely dedicated to Astrology signs whereas some cover every aspect related to this science. So, finding out which website works for you or which provides the most accurate daily horoscope can be a little tricky.

There are several parameters that make an astrological website the best astrology website. What are these parameters? Let’s find out.   

Association With An Expert Astrologer

best astrology app website

Any website related to Astrology will always be associated with a renowned and expert astrologer.

When you are finding the best astrology website, the first thing to do is to find out under which astrologer’s guidance the website is operational.

It will solve majority of your queries and doubts.


Astrological Aspects

The second thing to do is to ensure that the website you are eyeing covers all the aspects of Astrology or atleast fulfills your requirements.

If you just want to know about your daily horoscope then find a website that gives the most accurate daily horoscope.

If you want to find out your accurate Kundli and match your Kundli with your partner, then go for a website dedicated to it entirely.

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A Comprehensive Website

It is always the best bet to go for an astrology website that is a comprehensive one. Such websites elaborate on even the smallest aspect of Astrology.

From Hindu Calendar, Hindu Panchang to Kundli Matching and Vrat Tithis, everything you want to know about Astrology, you can find at one place. These websites are not only elaborative but they are exceptionally accurate, as well.  

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Attractive Features

Some websites have some really interesting features that can prove to be a big help for someone looking for addressing their queries.

Features such as Talk To Astrologer can be really helpful if one wants to find instant solutions to their problems or one wants to opt for personal reading by an expert.

Moreover, features such as love calculator or compatibility reports can also make a website more substantial. User-friendly interface is the key to a good astrology website.

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Some astrology websites also offer accurate astrology predictions for free. You can get access to free birth chart kundli and kundli matching reports which give you a detailed insight on your birth chart and other necessary information. Some websites provide free access to a wealth of information related to the aspects of Astrology. Find one and learn more about yourself.  Some free astrology services you should look for include

  • Free Kundli or Birth Chart Calculator – Free Kundli tool is perhaps one of the easiest and most accurate ways to know details about your past, present and future life.
  • It is quite convenient to use as you just have to punch in your birth details i.e. birth date, place and time and you will get a detailed report about your characteristics, personality traits and about all your life aspects such as love, career, family and profession.
  • You can know about your future by an expert astrologer and that too absolutely free.
  • Free Kundli Matching Report – Kundli Matching holds immense importance as far as solemnizing a marriage is concerned.
  • Some astrology websites provide a relatively convenient way to match Kundalis of the boy and girl with no additional cost.
  • It is beneficial as one does not have to go to various astrologers and they can match Kundlis from the comfort of their homes, secondly, they are exceptionally accurate and finally they are available for free.
  • These Kundli matching reports detail on the positive points of the association as well as the negative points and their rectification.
  • Free Daily and Monthly Horoscopes – Accurate Daily and Monthly Horoscope prediction for free is another important feature one should look for while finding the best astrology website. These horoscopes should be provided by an eminent astrologer.
  • Free Application – Every good astrology website has an equally good application. Free download of such an application gives you an access to the world of astrology on your finger tips. One can check their daily horoscopes on the go along with their lucky color and number of the day. Astrology applications are really helpful.  

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Regular Updates

Astrology works on planetary positions and movements of other celestial bodies to a great extent. So, a good astrology related website will always be updated according to the time and other developments. For example, an astrology website should entail Important days of Astrology 2018 along with auspicious times be it daily or yearly.

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To make it a little easier for you, here we have listed few best astrology websites which provide accurate astrology predictions and covers each and every aspect related to astrology. Take a look.

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mPanchang –  – It is one of the most popular astrology websites which gives the users a complete access into the world of Astrology. Their Kundli and Kundli Matching predictions are accurate and provide the users with most accurate daily horoscope.

Apart from the predictions that are provided by eminent astrologers, this website also informs the users about all Hindu and Indian festivals, shubh muhurats, auspicious and inauspicious times, Hindu tithis and panchang.

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It also houses a vast collection of Aartis, Puja Vidhi, Mantras and Stotras, etc. Simply put, for any requisite or query pertaining to astrology and its various aspects, mPanchang can be your ultimate astrological spot.

App Available on google play store: Hindu Calendar, Kundli Making and Kundali Matching, rashifal,

Other astrology websites include, Ganesha Speaks, Astrosage, AstroSpeak and among others.

Astrology is a highly significant aspect of our lives. It is imperative that you make a wise decision when it comes to picking an astrologer or an astrology website given its deep impact in our lives.

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