How Internet is taking over the world?

Internet has changed the next great evolution of the world.


In this period of transition, various objects, people, data and processes are connecting to what we call Internet, the first step to reach the Internet, where everything will be connected to each other.


According to estimates, 99.4% of physical objects are still disconnected. In a closer observation, for every person in the world there are approximately 200 things that can be connected.


This shows the huge growth potential of Internet in the world.


Some of the points that drive this growth are the advances in mobile technology and the greater acceptance of the block chain trend, in addition in 2008 this advance TechyBeasts caused the amount of things connected to the Internet to exceed the number of people on the planet.


Global data consumption and production are also growing and affecting areas such as logistics, security, production lines in industry, transport, energy sector, medicine and education, and among many others.


As we show you how internet has change our world but below we have mention in more


Detail about how Internet has change the world practically?


  • Access to information:

Access to information

The web is today the largest source of information, generated by all types of users, just type in a search engine what we want to know, whether it is to consult the news, the address of the nearest workshop or dietary recommendations.

The study recently published reveals that the digital information generated during 2018 will amount to 1.2 Terabytes.


  • Leisure and Entertainment:

Leisure and Entertainment

Television has stopped taking up most of our leisure time. According to some studies the Internet is the most consumed medium by world, now in world only about 13% people watch television , while 2.6% people loves radio and 4.6% people of the world read newspapers and 3.6% of journals.


  • Communication and Expression

The way we communicate has changed forever. The immediacy of e-mail has replaced the traditional letters, instant messaging is imposed in large measure in front of the telephone, and millions of SMS are sent daily.

Communication and Expression

On the other hand, blogs have become an important means to tell experiences and express opinions. In world there are approximately 10 million blogs, a figure that continues to increase day by day.


  • Interpersonal Relationships:

Email, SMS, instant messaging, phone calls, social networks or microblogging give us the opportunity to interact with other people without having to be physically present.

Interpersonal Relationships

On the other hand, the research indicates that 98% people over the world our Internet users in which most users of social networks, use internet for personal relationships, for hobby sharing and labor relations are their main demands.


Online buying is an activity that can be done with total comfort 24 hours a day, no matter where we are.

Online Shopping

Cash money becomes obsolete in the face of new forms of online payments, while financial services on the Internet and mobile devices simplify transactions. The Telecommunications Market Commission estimates that in 2017 the electronic e-commerce operations carried out contains the worth of over 5,700 million euros, totaling 17 million transactions.


  • Online Work

Online Work

The work is no longer a physical place, but an activity that can be carried out at any time and place. Mobile devices and new collaboration technologies as videoconferencing and telepresence allow work teams to interact with great ease and naturalness, as if they were meeting in the same room even if they are thousands of kilometers away.


This generates important savings for the companies.


  • Online Training:

Online Training

Internet offers multiple academic opportunities: online courses, virtual tutorials, specializations of public and private nature … Relying on broadband and the latest high-definition audio and video technologies, we can train at a distance from the comfort of home or office.


  • Online Healthcare:

Few months before in a healthcare session several patients underwent a medical check-up (exploration of the nose, ear and throat, blood pressure, temperature and pulse check) from the Hotel with the help of internet, ​​without having to go to the hospital.

Online Healthcare

Thanks to telepresence and the use of stethoscopes, otoscopes and various devices for biomedical parameters, the physiological condition of the patient can be known, which is essential in the case of chronically ill patients or those who live in remote places.


  • Eco-responsible conscience:

Technology is responsible for 2 percent of CO² emissions on a global scale, but has the potential to reduce 15 percent of such emissions in other sectors, according to The Climate Group.


The Network offers the possibility of creating intelligent buildings, connected and controlled by citizens and businesses to optimize energy consumption and reduce polluting emissions.

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