Instagram Strategies for Effective Social Media Content Marketing in 2018

In this ever-evolving social networking scenario, Instagram seems to be a wonderful platform with phenomenal business potential for your brands. The latest changes on Facebook have made it increasingly difficult to feature in the News Feed if you do not invest substantial funds.

In this context, Instagram is surely a far more fascinating alternative. With unique characteristics such as new ad options meant for brands, Stories, and primarily its visual nature, this photo-sharing application is today, a wonderful platform for social media content marketing.

As per Instagram statistics, over 80% of the total 800 million MAUs follow an assortment of over 25 million registered business accounts.

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Moreover, the statistics reveal that over 200 million individuals visit the business profiles daily. All this means that there is huge potential in terms of attracting new followers, fans, and new customers.

Marketers could consider incorporating

Instagram stratagems

into their own content marketing programs for achieving a broad spectrum of goals. Here’s how to go about it.


Strategy 1:

Maintain Individualized Communication Channels With Your Target Audience

You must adopt this Instagram strategy for creating an engaged Instagram community of devoted users or loyalists. Several brands are more interested in treating Instagram as just one more platform for advertising and promoting their brands.

It is, however, a much better alternative to determine a specific way of engaging an audience preferably in an effective two-way conversation.

Instagram Pics

It is always a better idea to make the Instagram target audience, your way of life, an integral part of your existence.

Today, many brands would be sharing fan art, user photography, and other user-generated images on the social networking site as an effective way of populating their feeds by developing, attracting, and absorbing their audiences.

You may use the professional services of reputed companies such as for getting more likes and boosting your Instagram followers.

Instagram encourages images that are contributed by dedicated and loyal fans. This makes the platform unique as it displays incredible pictures directly from the audience.

Even the audience seems really happy because they are heard, seen, and very much appreciated, Always keep in mind that a one-to-one direct communication is a key to success.

You have to consider connecting with people on a strictly personal level for making sure that they would be championing your brand.


Strategy 2:

Consider Investing in Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencers are supposed to be striving substantial and real value to your brands. It is essential to make sure that the brands are interacting with the right platforms.

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While working effectively with social media influencers, you need to keep in mind factors such as identification, measurement and management as also general interests and demographic details for making sure that they are complementing their specific target audiences.



You must forge real relationships with influencers because you will want them to endorse you over the long term, and you must capture data and optimize your campaigns based on past experience. This sounds simple enough on paper but is actually hard to implement, so you must be careful.

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