Future E-commerce Business Trends to Follow in 2020

With the increasing number of online stores in the digital arena, it is hard to say whether there will be more websites and less brick and mortar stores in future or not. Whatever it is, but our online marketers are always ready with some really interesting facts that will become future trends in e-commerce business.

During a study, it has already been estimated that 1.92 billion of the global population is going to buy products and services online in 2020. Not only that, the population is going to rise, stressing more upon millennials and youth.

This means that the total industry will depend on people who transact revenues and people who are literally swaying the global economy. This gives us a pretty decent idea; how big eCommerce platforms are going to become in future days.

So, without wasting any other moment, let us dive straight into the trends of business e-commerce that will follow in the year 2020:

  1. Personalization of Customer Service:

Personalized customer service is literally going to skyrocket in the year 2020. With Google giving special emphasis on each customer’s experience. It seems that reviews and testimonials are really going to matter a lot in ranking. Even an Ecommerce marketing agency nowadays are helping clients in providing positive feedbacks and reviews which in turn is increasing their rank.

The search engines are already trying to provide the most relevant and specific answer to the user queries. Therefore, the e-commerce business is already starting to add chatbots in their website so that the prospect’s queries can be easily solved on their storefront only.

Moreover, eCommerce marketplaces are nowadays integrating add-ons and suggestions to buy products that will match the products they are currently buying. This strategy is also going to add itself in eCommerce platforms, later on, to boost up sales.

  1. AI Emails:

Yes, this thing is not out of the blue! There are rumors of artificial intelligence being introduced in email marketing, to extract the preferences and other customer data efficiently. When you have an e-commerce site, your main concern is to sell some products or services. The other main concern is to gain some regular customers.

Email marketing exactly does that by re targeting existing customers so that you get some conversion from there, too. Adding artificial intelligence in it will take e-commerce business to the next level.

It will be easy for the online business owners to send personalized greetings and messages on their special days and other occasions. Gift cards, coupons and other offers can easily be disintegrated and send to their relevant customers.

  1. B2B E-commerce Will Flourish More:

For those business owners, who had tried a lot and eventually thought that b2b business is lame; good news for them! B2B eCommerce business will not only be favourable for big brands, but small businesses can also benefit from it. A recent study has shown that B2b business sales are going to rise up to 6.6 trillion by the year 2020.

So, there is always hope that if you start investing in your B2B venture more, you will be yielding fruits of it in the future. E-commerce platforms should separately come up with a whole new plan to expand their B2b eCommerce. All you have to do is integrate certain easy software and make sure that the transaction is smooth.

The customer support should be more willing to take up big orders to make a good B2B eCommerce business deal. Not only that, make sure that you build up a give a hand on giving them smaller discounts so that they feel free to make future investments.

An Important Note:

In order to enhance your e-commerce business, do not forget about the basics. There are still few tactics that have always helped online businesses grow and a customer’s basic instincts make sure that they find those qualities in your website.

Make sure that you keep multiple options on payment. This helps them in easy checkout. Make sure they can easily navigate through your website properly. Always be dead sure about managing your inventory, so that your stocks never fail.

O these were the 3 most important eCommerce trends that will sway the future online industry. It is important that you stay ahead of the game because the competition is getting tougher in the digital world.

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