What Is The Difference Between A Day Spa and A Med Spa?

Today, there are numerous spas, and they are becoming popular among most people. Thanks to advancements in technology, you will find new treatment in most spas. In fact, the common question most spa owners get from people is, how do you distinguish a medspa from a day spa? The crucial difference is med spas will be supervised by a medical director, and treatment will be offered by professionals who have studied medicine. With a day spa, treatment is provided by people with knowledge in cosmetology and therapeutic massage.

But if you wish to find out more about med spas, make time and visit a well-known Knoxville Medical Spa. Med spas and day spas are different. And that’s why you must understand the differences to know which spa is ideal for you. Read on to learn more.

Day Spa

Day spas are designed to make you feel calm, relaxed and improve your overall body health. Also, spa treatments can assist you to feel revitalized and excellent. Services will be offered in a comfortable, calm atmosphere that promotes peace. Some of the services will include facials, pedicures, massages, and waxing.

Standard Full Body Massages

The most common massages offered in a day spa are deep tissue and Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage will use deep strokes designed to soothe the muscles in your body and the skin. The Swedish massage concentrates on massaging the entire body with deep strokes that ensures your muscles are relaxed.

Special Massages

Day spas will also provide specialized massages that use a wide range of methods from various cultures globally. Massages will only be done by certified experts who are highly trained to do it on people. If you’ve never gone to a spa to get a Thai massage, you need to get it. You will not regret it.

Med Spa (Medical Spa)

A med spa is designed to offer therapeutic and cosmetic procedures to restore damaged skin. In a med spa, the specialists will utilize leading-edge technology in their procedures to cure several skin problems in a peaceful atmosphere. However, it is worth noting that a med spa is not a medical center.

The objective of treatment will be to treat the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • SunBurn
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Cellulite
  • Sagging skin

Medspa procedures are intense and will have long-lasting effects, unlike day spa procedures. The treatments will be useful, and people will notice quickly.

Here are some common treatments offered in med spas:


This treatment is for aesthetic purposes and can be compared to other standard techniques done by licensed aestheticians. With microdermabrasion, the outer surface of your skin will be removed because of the dead cells. Also, this method is well-known to restore an individual’s complexion. When you decide to go for microdermabrasion in a medical spa, collagen will be stimulated and new cells restored.


Botox is done for cosmetic purposes. It is the treatment for aging skin, and the formula comes from a certain kind of bacteria. Scientists took the bacteria and developed the formula that prevents skin from aging. When botox is injected into the skin of an individual, you will start noticing the effects. The stretch marks and wrinkles will be eliminated.

Knowing the Difference

The significant difference will be the procedures done at each spa. Med spas will offer medical procedures, but day spas can’t. Highly skilled estheticians will do services offered at day spas, and you won’t suffer from any side effects.

On the other hand, med spas will be administered by a certified physician. Experienced physicians will offer medical procedures that can make you experience side effects. These kinds of treatments need highly skilled staff. They could be dermatologists, nurses, or plastic surgeons who will perform invasive procedures like Botox and laser therapy. In day spas, estheticians will perform non-invasive procedures like microdermabrasion.

Another critical difference will be the scheduled visits to the spa. You might book spa days on special occasions, as a gift to someone special, or reduce stress. In contrast, med spas will be necessary if you’re dealing with a skin problem.


Any individual who may have heard something about spas may see them as one establishment offering cosmetic and medical treatments. But there are two types: Day spa and the Medspa. The medspa is a traditional spa that offers medical procedures, whereas a day spa will help you recover and relax. You will choose to go to the one that offers what you need.

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