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Dowry comes from their ancient Hindu customs of kanyadan, stridhan or say dahej pratha. In accordance with the system, a union is forever and there is no scope for a separation.

Among the several sculptures previously practiced, the ceremony before a godly fire has taken over, the conventional system of marrying a wife by catch.


Dahej Pratha:

This kind of union started the practice of dowry, where initially, the family of the bride could take presents and cash from the grooms family as an alternate to bloodshed throughout the catch of the bride.

A later modification of the system has paved way for the existing dowry system chiefly practiced by the society.

Nearly all Indian households, the boy has legacy rights, whilst the woman is given a large sum during the time of her marriage instead of the government controlled equal rights for girls in civic property.

Consequently, dowry system has spread into virtually all parts of the country and segments of society.

There are various reasons for the incidence of the dowry system or dahej pratha, but the principal one is that it is an essential precondition for the marriage.

Just like premarital sex is considered to be bad by some people , Dahej Pratha or dowry system is also considered as bad by many.

No dowry, no union is a widespread fear.

The development of a wealthy middle class, flag bearer of social change in contemporary India, is the main element for the continuation of the dowry method.

Dahej Kills

Families arrange most marriages, and a guy who doesnt marry for love, he can marry for wealth. For the man and his family, a female becomes the ticket to shortcut riches throughout the system of dowry.

Dowry as a phenomenon has gone past the ritual of marriage and many wedding entertainment ideas are just ruined because of dowry conditions and other rituals like this.

A more sophisticated public image of a long donation session has replaced the old system.

Its them whore their worst sufferers because dowry is most frequently a monetary agreement between two men - their brides father and their groom.

Marriages in political families are organized to consolidate their caste base for support into electoral politics, so.

Dowry rituals have now spread even to communities where they were unknown. Muslims and Christians, like their Syrian Christians of Kerala and their Ancient Rome Catholics of Mangalore have started demanding dowry.

Official statistics show a steady increase in dowry crimes. Increasingly more females are killed every year into India for dowry.

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh still record their maximum number of dowry crimes, however, Bangalore, Indias fastest growing city also shows an alarming rise - four women reportedly die every day because of dowry harassment and domestic violence.


Dowry Prohibition Act

Dictionary defines dowry as property or money a wife or spouses family contributes to her husband once the wife and husband marry in some civilizations.

Unlike what many individuals in India believe, dowry has artificial roots.

dowry system

Dowry was on a regular basis practised in Old Greece and Ancient Rome Empire as well.

By comparison, many scholars agree the practice of dowry wasnt frequent or important in Vedas Era at India, so much so, that it wasnt practised in the majority of South India till early 20th Century.

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Additionally, it is claimed that the practise of dowry came into India with Aryans.

In all ancient civilizations, daughters typically didnt inherit any portion of estate of this father, so she was usually given dowry, which worked as life time security for your woman.

In the example of divorce, this man was supposed to provide the dowry back to the woman. The same wasnt any different in India, Stridhan, including the dowry of the woman and presents she obtained from her husband and in laws, had been only property of the girl concerned and she was free to take care of it in any way she deems fit.

World over laws were attracted with time to control the trade of Dowry or to curb this menace of dowry.

Roman Empire, Italy, Japan and several others countries have some or other regulations about Dowry. In Bangladesh and Pakistan has prohibition on trade of dowry.

Gifts provided to this bride of traditional giving of gifts or regarding the time of wedding, provided that theyre willing and affectionate presents by this parents and close relatives of bride into her arent considered to be dowry.

Therefore, according to law, anything of value given to the bride during one of this relative of this groom is Dowry. Further, there are 3 occasions related to dowry.

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