Some Cool Ways to Style a Ladder for your Wedding Day?

Every year, some of the new trends takes the wedding industry by storm. These are mostly inspired by weddings of the west that has helped Indian wedding decorators to add a twist to the décor of the modern Indian weddings. Nowadays, we are able to see unique elements used to decorate various wedding farms in South Delhi.

Just like them, we have spotted one of the coolest thing in the décor and it was all decked ladders used as installations at the venue.

If you want to add a rustic touch to your décor that you can also go for them.

These ladders can easily be sanded and painted to create a more elegant look.

Here are 5 gorgeous and ingenious ways we’ve seen ladders styled for your big day.

  • Florals


This is the best way to make them look all pretty and matching with the wedding décor. If your venue has gorgeous walls, then you can use them to lean a ladder against one of them and adorn it with flowers.

We defy anything to not look gorgeous covered in blooms and it makes a really lovely back drop almost like a DIY photo booth but without the props and the booth.

  • Photographs

Hanging photographs is one of the most popular trends in weddings and other pre wedding functions. Using photographs with other floral decoration will also make these ladders look all beautiful in the venue.

  • Table Plan

A ladder can also work as a readymade frame, with height, so guests can easily identify where they are sitting. The style and colour is incorporated into the rest of the wedding vibe and it is an easy way to fill space décor.

  • Favours

These ladders is also used as stand for keeping wedding favours for the guests. You can add a nice poster of the couple with a hashtag on it and keep the favours on them.

  • Dessert & Drinks Station

Dessert and drinks stations continues to be a part of the weddings.

Using a ladder to display cakes and glasses adds height to what could end up looking like a boring buffet table.

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